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    Which PS1 classic RPG to play?

    So I'm between jobs and have some time. Which game should I replay: Legend of Legaia, Lunar 2 or Final Fantasy Tactics?
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    My Kickstarter has 48 hours left, so I added tons of new bonuses!

    Dat advertisement. Thread lock in 3...2...1...?
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    Poll: Is John Marston an enduring, iconic character?

    Yeah, I guess what I really meant is do people think he's recognizable and memorable enough.
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    Poll: Is John Marston an enduring, iconic character?

    I was considering putting together a cosplay outfit for some cons I'm going to later this year. I know it's a big expense and a lot of trouble though, so I don't want to go through all that for something that won't be relevant in the years to come. In your opinion, is John Marston an...
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    The Xbox One Would've Hurt Soldiers And Sick Kids

    This headline is horrible and whoever wrote it should feel bad. :(
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    New Super Smash Bros. Roster Discussion

    We really need a Belmont, Ridley would be a logical addition, and what the worlds needs most is Majora's Mask Link(switch between Deku, Zora, and Goron with Down + B, a la Pokemon Trainer) And for the 'never in a million years' category, put in Banjo-Kazooie and I'll buy it this instant.
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    Report: Skyrim: Legendary Edition Compiles All DLC Packs

    "Its not uncommon for publishers to release "Game of the Year" editions of games with DLC, compiling all of a game's DLC into a discounted package. But we'll make a news story about it anyways!"
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    Missile Command World Record Finally Falls

    I saw a documentary about Twin Galaxies, but the guy they had on as the Missle Command Record Holder is not the guy mentioned in the article... Anybody know what the deal is? The guy in the documentary had a pilot/military type uniform...
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    Movie Defense Force: Alien 3

    I thought that was good; I was worried that just because it's Jim we were going to get the same character as the Jimquisition but instead we got Jim's smarts without all of the pretentiousness which I think is good for this show. Interesting and intelligently put together, the only thing I...
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    Capcom Ceases Printing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

    Now that was a fun game! It had the excitement and spectacle of a Vs Capcom game but with the bullshit levels under acceptable parameters. Hurricane Polimar was the man.
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    NYCC: Hands-on Avengers: Battle for Earth

    Huh. You don't often hear about a Kinect game with a wide range of motions working particularly well.
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    Project Eternity Breaks $3 million

    This would be more impressive if the Homestuck Kickstarter didn't raise 2.5 million on a name and absolutely nothing else.
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    Funcom No Longer Blames Metacritic for The Secret World's Problems

    I'm looking forward to getting The Secret World- You know, once it goes Free 2 Play. The WoW model is dead(except for WoW, obviously) and it is beginning to look increasingly foolish to attempt to pry 60$ out of your customers hands on top of a 15$ monthly fee.
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    The WoW Killer has finally arrived

    I thought this thread would be about Guild Wars 2. I was hoping to read about and discuss Guild Wars 2. : (
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    Conan O'Brien Reviews Upcoming Resident Evil 6 Demo

    Haha, I like these segments more and more every time. And WOW, that thumbs-up animation is lousy!