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    What is so great about Anime?

    You're a nerd too lol
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    Just played the first minute of Bioshock

    I played the first minute of bioshock. Then I stopped to post this on the escapist
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    Jaffe: Gamers' Rights Efforts are "Pointless and Naive"

    This guy brings up a very good point JUMBO PALACE: I'm sorry some of us are not so cynical and jaded as to think that we have no say in the future of our own countr lol you obviously failed government class, there's a reason it's called the court and not the congress.
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    Poll: Don't Play Their Games, Just Break Their DRM

    Yes yes justify your unethical habits to a bunch of people who want to use your skills to steal shit. And what's with the stupid poll choices
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    I'm sorry, you have forfeited your right to complain.

    Can we buy IN CASE OF OIL PLATFORM EXPLOSION insurance?
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    There's no such thing as a British accent!

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING. There is also no such thing as a Chinese accent; since there are so many accents within China as there are many dialects. Also no such thing as an American accent; as you have SOUTHERN and NORTHERN and WESTERN accents. Yep tis the truth. THERE IS NO SUCH THING I R...
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    3D gaming and why it is a concept that should die just like motion controllers

    The future should be denied! I'm sure someone back in the 3D gfx days was like 2D IS HOW GAMES SHOULD BE RARGH
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    Poll: Wow, I'm a sad person, I guess.

    Because the opinion of one person is definitely enough to warrant SERIOUS DIScUSSIONZ. PEOPLE WHO RELY ON OTHER PEOPLE ARE LOSERS. LONERS FTW or something RANT RANT
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    Am I the only one who LOVES Alpha Protocol?

    The commmercial that comes on before ZP videos is just so awful
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    Games that EVERYONE loves but you don't?

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    Need modern day post apocalyptic rmxp tileset

    SO WHY ARE YOU RESPONDING? Trying to get your post count up LAME ANYWAYS TO OP you know what you should do; just go to shyguy kingdom (google the website) and then rip off a bunch of tile sheets
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    I still have my pride!

    What an odd topic title AND DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS IS AWESOME it gave boss monsters its first job you realize without DnD we woudln't have... RPGs not the weapon either
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    Why am I an apparent gay asshole because i like naruto

    It's because you deserve it. Obviously
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    Poll: Racist Humor

    It's FUNNY because of the implied racism although not actually racist honest but it's funny to pretend to be racist or something clearly.
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    "Extreme Gamers" Spend 48 Hours a Week Playing Videogames

    GOOD THING HARDCORE GAMERS ARE NOT AS EXTREME AS EXTREME GAMERS. Yep. Hardcore gamers are the perfect people. Casual gamers suck