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    Your Favorite Vocalist

    Matt Bellamy of Muse Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters Ben Kowalewicz of Billy Talent Brad Delp of Boston (had great vocal range)
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    Build a pokemon team

    Kanto - Sandslash Johto - Typloshion Hoenn - Flygon Sinnoh - Empoleon Unova - Escavalier Legendary - Melotta (I know it hasn't been released yet, but still my choice)
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    how will it end?

    Some scientist doing something he shouldn't be doing. What exactly doesn't matter, but I firmly believe our unending quest to understand the universe will end it.
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    Are adult Japanese gamers stigmatized?

    To a fan, it might seem that way, but developers, publishers, critics, and experts across the board have said the Japanese game industry needs to change or it faces the possibility of dying out slowly. Even some Japanese developers have come out against how the games industry is run in Japan...
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    Poll: Most Disappointing Game of 2011?

    Despite the excellence, there were more than a few games that disappointed me. Homefront looked like it could break into the FPS market with a refreshingly different story, and a unique amalgam of Call of Duty and Battlefield multiplayer, but it ended up being a very muddled and extremely...
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    What have the Halo games done for us?

    For the history of games or recently? Either way, a lot. Halo pretty much made console first person shooters a thing. If you play any FPS on the 360 or PS3 today, you have Halo to thank for proving it was something that could be done, because prior to Halo, people were unsure if first...
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    What bands/artists do you listen to that aren't nearly as good as they used to be?

    #1. Someone else who's listened to Ash! Finally! #2. If you've listened to A-Z in it's entirety then you should know thats not true. If not then click the spoiler for links to several newer songs that are not only not technoish in anyway, but also kick ass. Trust me, they're still amazing...
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    [IGN]Top Five Reasons Dark Souls Will Eat Skyrim's Face

    Neither game is out yet. Speculate all you want but reserve your judgement for when both games are actually playable. Until then, avoiding flame wars would be a good idea IGN....
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    Poll: Is it just me or does MW3 look like a hell of a lot more fun then BF3?

    Jets, Tanks, large scale battles, relatively balanced classes, teamwork based gameplay, completely destructible environments. Vs. Lots of customization, lone wolf style gametypes/play, COD Elite, and...More gun attachments?, better killstreak organization. Even some of the previews I've...
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    Poll: In your opinon, what is the worst aspect of online gaming?

    The people who cheat/run their mouths/make racist or harmful comments. I'd rather play single player these days, I can't play a game without friends where people treat each other very well. I usually just keep the chat off in multiplayer because people are to busy swearing their heads off or...
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    Recommend me an underrated album.

    Autopilot Off's Make A Sound album is amazing. And The Working Title's About Face is also a under rated album that I love.
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    Fun With The Video Game Name Generator

    Irish Monster Ultra Dracula's Funk Training Unholy Zamboni: Reloaded Jamaican Weeding Crime Scene Investigator (I'd actually like to see that Jedi Police: The Next Generation Stealth Amish Nation Third World Ping Pong Prophecy This is
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    What bands have you seen live ?

    This is gonna take minute... Shawn Mullins (not by choice, went with someone else) Goo Goo Dolls x2 (once not by choice) Counting Crows The Working Title New Found Glory Cartel The Early November Hot Hot Heat Bedouin Soundclash John Ralston Sick Puppies The Veer Union Switchfoot...
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    Poll: Poll: Rule 34, Your opinion

    Doesn't matter what anyone thinks. It's Rule 34. You can hate it all you want, it's still true. If not, see rule 35.
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    Your entrance theme.

    This song just screams "bring it the fuck on."