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    One Million Moms Want Same-Sex Archie Comic Out of Toys 'R' Us

    That CEO deserves a damn medal for that response.
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    BioWare's Lead Writer Resigns

    Oh thank god. Bioware hasn't produced a game with an engaging storyline since the first KOTOR (2003!!) Let's hope they take a hint and start producing quality material again, instead of rehashing the same three plot ideas over and over and over and over...
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    British Student Loses Extradition Battle Over Copyright Violation

    That judge needs to grow some fucking balls. You DO NOT extradite your citizens for a bloody copyright infringement. What kind of government has so little respect for its citizens' basic rights?
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    U.S. Spec Ops Veteran: Modern Warfare 3 Commercial a "New Low"

    WHat exactly is the connection between this ad and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? I really don't see it. It's just people with guns in some ruined city.
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    What are you thoughts about Vegetarianism and why do you feel that way?

    The point is, any animal will suffer when you slaughter it. Did I mention the chickens are awake until they get shocked? There are a lot of misconceptions about halal, mostly because people are distrustful of anything that's related to islam. It's really not as bad as you make it sound. It's...
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    What are you thoughts about Vegetarianism and why do you feel that way?

    Careful not to fall off that horse. The meat-oriented lifestyle is not exclusively western by most standards. Only India has a large, dedictated tradition for vegetarianism, and that's mostly due to religious influence over centuries. Other asian countries have traditions for simply eating...
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    What are you thoughts about Vegetarianism and why do you feel that way?

    So actually, she's just a picky meat eater. :p
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    The Guide to Skyrim Modders: Part 2

    Why would female argonians even need mammaries...? It boggles the mind. Mudcrab sex slave is hilariously disturbing. But then again, you can't go wrong with mudcrabs. They're even the blunt of jokes from the developers themselves.
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    What are you thoughts about Vegetarianism and why do you feel that way?

    Halal (when done properly) isn't barbaric, it's the way people have slaughtered cattle for thousands of years (minus the religious rituals). If it's done by someone who knows what he's doing, the animal dies very quickly and hardly suffers. Why is hanging live, awake chickens by their feet and...
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    What are you thoughts about Vegetarianism and why do you feel that way?

    ... Why do people care so much what other people eat? Or what clothes they wear... or who they have sex with? Seriously, it's hardly ever any of your, or anyone's business.
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    So according to some feminists, this anti-rape ad campaign is sexist

    Only valid point I've seen so far. A potential rapist isn't going to see this imaginary poster and think "Gee whiz, I was going to rape the shit out of some women tonight, but this excellent campaign sure made me rethink that!" Rape is often a spur-of-the-moment thing, it's not something that...
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    Obsidian Hopes "Digital Distribution Stabs the Used Game Market in the Heart"

    Please, keep crying. Your tears are almost as deliciously salty as the music industry's. Waaa, every person who used our product didn't pay full price! Through the magic of my reality-ignoring calculator, this means that we lost a sale for every such person! WAAAAA! I'm making hugely inflated...
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    Here's a Picture of Catwoman Fondling Her Own Boobs (For a Good Cause)

    Because she's not naked, you perv :D. It's her shirt/outfit. Gotta love that guy.
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    240: Wizards and Weight Watchers

    Hey, it's just realism. You can't swing a two-handed sword around (with any efficiency) if you have the body of a super model, that's just physics. You need to have upper body strength, and to carry that you need lower body strength too. A warrior should be beefy, if not fat, even if it's a...
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    The North/South divide?

    It's mostly an east/west thing here, but I guess it depends what animal your country is shaped like.