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    What do women find attractive? (Men only)

    Depends if the woman is dominant or not, and if she's straight or not :P I think wit is a great way to get women, along with confidence. Also, most straight/bisexual girls probably like tall guys. That's what 6 foot 4 me has noticed anyway ;P
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    The New York Times Slams Game of Thrones Viewers

    Hell, if we are talking ineptitude, let's go on to the "Dungeons and dragons type" statement. There are, or atleast used to be, different standard worlds and settings in DnD. It's hard to use it as a type when we have stuff that differs alot like planescape and dark sun. I just hate ignorant...
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    What superpower would you choose?

    I already do that ;D
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    What superpower would you choose?

    Ability to give pleasure or pain, warmth or cold, and other things like that with my touch. Don't really see how that could be "unbalanced".
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    Journey is utter brilliance

    Thatgamecompany <3 They make interactive art.
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    Poll: Immortality, with a catch

    Easy. I would kill "bad people". As in people society think is bad. No reprecusions.
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    KONY 2012 [seriously important you guys check this out]. Now with more facts!

    The first thought when I wached the video was: "Won't the kidnapped children be the ones whom are killed in the hunt?" And the answer is "yes" from most people speak to. "But it's for the good cause!" they say then. What is that cause exactly? Stopping the rape, abduction and pillaging of...
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    If you could nuke a country?

    I would nuke NCR and The Legions controled areas... OH WAIT, already did that x3 So let's go for the vatican instead!
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    Poll: You're pregnant. What do you do?

    I'd ask her to abort, for everyones sake. If I got pregnant tho, I'd keep it, for science..
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    European Street Protest Against ACTA Draws Over 30,000

    I was in the most northen of them!
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    Holy shit, Skyrim...

    Holy shit, noticed my friend broke my Skyrim disk, and holy shit he was prolly more upset than me!
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    Poll: Favourite Melee weapon

    Unarmed. I'll dodge your shit and unarm/steal your weapon. Also Daggers, I can do the same thing but also cut your throat.
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    What do people think about Bioware right now?

    To me, they are getting worse... Mass Effect 1 was better than 2, same with Dragon Age, and KOTOR beats both. Atleast from what I've played.
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    whats your favorite monster?

    Tarrasque is one that springs to mind, but that's just becus of how rediculusly powerful it is x3 But I like unicorns, becus they are bad-ass and still peerty.. Think heroes of might and magic 5 anyways ;P
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    Are we going with a blanket defenition of RPG or real RPGs? If blanket: Demon's Souls becus it's fucking awesome, great gameplay and art style. Warhammer Online for gameplay and gameworld, props to the siege battles. (Skyrim would be in this category for me, since the skill system is...