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    change, add or remove one word in the previous sentence.

    Trump drunk my wife blood
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    How durable are Xbox One controllers?

    That video shows nothing of worth seeing we know absolutely nothing about what happen to those controllers to get them in that state. OT: Unless you are actively trying to break the Xbox 1 controllers it should last you quite a bit mine is going 2 years long and I am not delicate with it...
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    The PS4 is Getting a Temporary Price Cut in the US for E3 Week

    I wish the Playstation VR bundle was getting a price drop.
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    Grim Dawn Sells a Million Copies, Celebrates with Half-Off Sale

    You missed spelled projects OT I loved Titan Quest if its anywhere as good as that I might have to pick it up.
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    Report: Nintendo Bringing Zelda and Pokemon to Mobile

    That is already a thing for both Android and Apple its just limited to tablets with RETINA DISPLAY for apple and tablets running 4.0 and up for android. I think the Pokemon game will be a new entry in the Pok?mon Rumble series. I wish that The Zelda game will be a base management game like A...
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    SNES classic

    I know how you feel I have this one:
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    Microsoft is Rolling Out a Military Inspired Xbox One Controller

    I don't see how this is Military inspired. These are more Call of Duty inspired which I fine funny because the Master Chief controller is more Military inspired than these are. I'll stick with the Sony, Urban Camo controllers which I have been using since the PS3.
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    Nintendo Switch Uses a Standard Tegra X1 Chip

    The problem comes with the 3DS which still has a large install base and is still making them money. This will alienate them and destroy the only system they have with proper 3rd Party Support. If you Google Switch replace 3DS you will get tons of articles with Nintendo trying to dispel this...
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    This Zelda Fan Controls His Entire House With an Ocarina

    I can't play the Ocarina good enough to play a correct note or the know how to set this up so GG. I don't Like calling things click-bait and I tend to like Lizzy's post but can't see this as anything other than click-bait. Please Fix the Title you are above this.
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    Nintendo Files US Trademark for Miitopia

    You might want to fix the article they filed a trademark not a patent.
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    Check Out This Old 2012 Build of Stardew Valley

    This is why it took me so long to buy the game. I honestly thought it was a RPG maker game when I first saw it. Now its one of my favorite games. That teaches me not to judge a book by its cover.
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    There's a $1 Mass Effect Pack For Cards Against Humanity

    *Missing cards to be sold later as DLC. This made me laugh. This is the biggest I could find.
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    How to properly utlize an SSD?

    I would suggest changing your User data Folders location like Download, Music, Video, etc onto a secondary HDD so it does not fill up. If you need help here is the site I used to do this.
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    Super Mario Run In-depth Video Explains How The Game Works

    I fixed that line for you.
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    Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Requires 130 GB of Disk Space

    That's Funny my Skyrim with mods take up 55.6gb that being said that is a lot luckily for me my I have a 6tb hard drive with 2.5tb free.