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    8 Super Side Kicks

    I feel like I've been gently trolled here... by a pun no less. I think the word I'm looking for is bemused...
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    RoboCop Reboot

    Better reaction than expected, they also coughed up for a credible cast too. Still means nothing except they got a guy who can cut nice trailers and some familiar names. Still dunno why they felt they needed to reboot Robocop (or the crow, outrageous imo), I watched the original not long ago...
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    Batman and Superman "Facing Off" in Man of Steel Sequel

    Wow... ballsy move. Hope it works out. MoS was not as good as Batman Begins, but I guess they're hoping to pull off a Dark Knight moment for Supes in the second outing. Please don't let it suck... Engage cautious optimism.
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    I despise the very concept of superheroes

    Hercules... Samson... Prometheus... King Arthur... Gilgamesh... Superheroes have always existed. They always will. In 1000 years, Batman and Superman will be looked upon as our Hercules and Gilgamesh. No doubt that far future society will have it's own mythical champions and heroes...
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    Minecraft Hit With Legal Complaint From Golf Company

    Putt Putt you dumbass! Learn2minecraft! How the fuck can Mojang be responsible for what users build? It's like accusing microsoft of racism because the KKK wrote a nasty letter using Office.
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    Douglas Engelbart, Inventor of the Mouse, Passes Away

    the inventor of 2d gesture control, godspeed... we salute you.
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    Kirobo Will be Japan's First Robot Astronaut

    "Kirobo will be the first robot astronaut" um... Robonaut 2 doesn't count?
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    Terminator Reboot Coming in June 2015

    Reboot movies that suck! Terminator still holds up perfectly well today. Funny how they only seem to reboot beloved movies that they know will get cash based on the name. Stop rebooting good movies ffs, like Robocop and the Crow. THESE MOVIES DO NOT NEED A REBOOT. Hollywood...
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    Jimquisition: Emotions, Polygons, and Ellen Page

    Block Jim on twitter... that's a paddlin' Tell Jim you're gonna "fuck him up" for dissing someone on Twitter... that's a paddlin' Seems like if you want a Jimquisition episode devoted to you or someone you love, giving Jim flak on twitter is the way to go. Can we get back to the...
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    Big Deal on the Internet: Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 on Sale

    Sim City will be joining DS3 and Crysis after it's fabulous launch debacle. Crash and Burn games industry... crash and burn.
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    Artist Quits Superman Book Over Orson Scott Card Furor

    Answering bigotry with bigotry makes everyone a bigot.
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    Big Deal on the Internet: Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 on Sale

    There is a crash coming. Right now we are in the inception van, slo-moing over the bridge... this industry better wake up before we hit water.
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    Artist Quits Superman Book Over Orson Scott Card Furor

    Name any writer or artist who does work you like a lot... I can promise you they have some belief or opinion that you would dislike a lot. If a writer or artist holds an opinion or belief you dislike, does that mean you have to avoid their work? Because if it does... you won't be doing much...
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    Filmmaker Pits Wonder Woman Against Nazis

    As proof of concept it was nice. Details, setting etc are of course malleable. Point is WW kicking arse and it not being shit. It wasn't shit. That's good.
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    The War Z Shambles Back to Life on Steam

    Wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Really like the premise but will wait for DayZ standalone... and wait for reviews of that first. Gamers need to start getting much more cautious, cynical and tightfisted with our money, the game industry has become sick and I can feel a crash coming if...