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    Rumor: EA Sports Planning Annual Subscription Service

    EA: Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' MONEY EA PR: Aren't you worried about screwing over customers? EA: Custom-a-wha now? EA PR: The people giving you money EA: Why should we care about those putses?
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    The Internet Pollutes the Atmosphere More Than India, Says Greenpeace

    Why is it that whilst every group like Greenpeace or PETA is always right, they're also oh so very, unbelievably wrong at the same time.
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    The Almighty Thor Looks Even Worse Than Titanic 2

    You gotta give The Asylum one thing. They do make entertaining movies. Shitty. But entertaining. I laughed my ass off with Titanic 2.
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    Square Enix Trademarks Hitman: Absolution for Rumored E3 Reveal

    Time for new levels of frustration to be discovered
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    GameStop Turns Off the Light on the DS Lite

    Maybe if they hadn't ditched backwards capability with GBA titles then this would have been okay news. If they tried to pull this crap here ... (D)
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    400 Unqualified Schmucks Sign Up For One-Way Mission to Mars

    20 years? WELL THERE GOES YOUR SHOT, MISTER 69. Idiots.
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    Telltale's Jurassic Park Adventures Inspired by Heavy Rain

    I was OMGYES'ing until I saw it was PC and Mac ... for five episodes. That made me sad.
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    Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2010

    I'm absolutely surprised to see not a single mention to the awesomeness that is Supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Meat Boooooooooooooy. *cough* Still, I like this a lot more than any other I've seen so far. At least here it's bullshit free and both sides are actually believable.
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    The Big Picture: Nerd Gods

    Santa is based off of Sinterklaas, you know.
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    Is it possible to make a game comedy?

    Even if you were to make Fawlty Towers in to a game, that wouldn't make it a comedy. It would probably be more of a Sim game. You can't exactly compare movie genres with game genres.
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    Remake an old game with this gen's technology. What do you go for?

    I'd love to see a Tenchu game in this generation. Imagine Assassin's Creed meets inFAMOUS in Japaaaaaaaaaan
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    Activision Exec Blasts California Game Law in Newspaper Editorial

    The longer this goes on, the more pathetic Yee and his fellows appear to be.
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    286: Videogame Myths Debunked

    Videogames do make someone smarter. No, they won't get someone through college, but they do teach people things. If they were taught something, they became smarter. Gaming CAN be social if you do it in the right way. Like a LAN party or a chatroom or voice chat or anything like that. It's...
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    Poll: Shaved legs on a guy?

    It's nothing special really, shave it off. Cyclists, swimmers and many others do it all the time.
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    I hate Anime. Make me like it!

    Go for Pokémon.