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    Guys: Would you date / marry a powerful woman?

    This... I dont... Know... The thing is, I happened to be in a relationship like that once, where literally the girl I was going out with was better than me in grades and pretty much "Pay-roll" (She was getting paid). I mean... if I had no other choice I would probably go for her, but I...
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    Dragons: Slay or befriend?

    Befriend, of course! When I mean befriend I mean either : Enslave, break and control - Red Dragons/Aggressive-Evil ones. Befriend, Love, Care for and respect - Other dragons, especially the white ones. Especially in their human form, Especially in their female form. Kuwabunga!
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    Free your Hate!

    Yes, I agree. So much of that! OT : What I really hate? ENDERMEN!!!! *Shakes fist*
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    Your username and what it says about you.

    My name is Project_Omega. I did this because I like the word Project, make it sound all secret and cool. Omega because it is the last letter of the greek alphabet, and that i means "The end" .
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    So everyone... Bullies

    Would you stop being so Emo? You are going to start Sparkling if you keep on doing that.
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    John Carmack: PC Is Not the "Leading Platform" for Games

    This is Bullshit, all of this. Seriously... How can he even say such a thing? Not only has he flipped the other half of his cutsomer base, which is the PC, but he also failed to give a proper reason for his game's failure to adapt to other systems other than the Console. Is it really that...
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    What Gods do you think would belong in a modern day Olympus?

    Hmmm, I guess that's a good start. But a God like that should cover more than one 'subject' to avoid having millions and millions of demi-gods. Perhaps we should have roughly 10-12 demi-gods, with each supporting 1-3 'subjects' to make it less complicated. This topic is based on the Greek...
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    What Gods do you think would belong in a modern day Olympus?

    God, this line of quoting is getting huge... Basically, I wasn't being too serious about this at first, maybe half-serious if you like. I started being more serious after you went "Don't call me bro" and started getting angry about what I said. I know how easy it is to make a quick...
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    What Gods do you think would belong in a modern day Olympus?

    Are you being serious? I didn't say that it was YOU who created her in first place, I meant it was YOU who brought her up and suggested her as a goddess of video games. Obviously the wolf was based around the Japanese culture, I mean look at the art-style, the name, the strange flowing...
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    What Gods do you think would belong in a modern day Olympus?

    Im sorry bro, but I don't specifically like or care about these Japanese concepts/characters you came up with and I am sure I wouldn't like her to be my goddess of Video Games. Not all Video Game nerds actually like Japanese Culture, you see. Deal.With.It
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    Transformed into the last animal you touched.

    Im a lazy cat, slightly overweight with green eyes that seems to have too much hair and keeps loosing it. Also likes to eat a lot. Yeah, not much has changed.
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    Bioware : No, EA Isn't pulling our Strings.

    I lost trust when they released DA 2, after the first one which was a complete fiasco, why should you re-release something that was bad, with a different number and a slightly different angle? That's just my small opinion though, ignore it if you want. As for the COD audience, it tends to...
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    Accents you find attractive

    Anything that doesn't sound as if someone stuffed your face with a bun. Anyone who doesn't have an British accent. I live in Britain...
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    Poll: Be honest, do you actually treat girl gamers the same online? (Minor update)

    This is how I normally blunder in those kind of things. *Plays with a girl online, never sees her face* *Becomes friends with them, and enjoys playing with her, becoming real close* *Starts flirting* *Get friend-zoned because she is either a lesbian or has a boyfriend* *Disappears, to...
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    what is the stupidist reason you've been kicked/banned from something?

    Anyone got suspended for a silly reason on the escapist?