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    The Other PS3 Hacker Is (Probably) Headed to Jail

    Its legal for someone to buy a car and add whatever moddifications to the car they want, then tell the world how they did it. But its illegal to buy a ps3 and even dare to mod it.
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    Worst Story in a game Ever

    Dead Rising 1 Which can be summarised by the following, "American beef industry makes zombie cows out of zombie wasps. Hispanic man whose family is killed by said wasps plots revenge by causing a zombie outbreak in the middle of bloody nowhere. Then said hispanic hangs round said bloody...
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    Question: Lisa Foiles Top 5

    She's female. It does wonders for internet traffic.
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    New Total War

    Id love to see Mongol total war. I think the TW series has too much emphasis on western europe and central asia is mostly overlooked.
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    Most hated enemy in gaming?

    The cougars in Red dead redemption. Or *horse is killed* "What??!! Fuckin cougar fucker!!!" as i seemed to call it.
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    Poll: Which Sex is Better?

    Evening sex. That way you dont have to get out of bed.
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    Ubisoft Accused of Peddling Pirated Soundtrack With Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Basically this is an advert for pirate sites, as apparantly they have excellent quality stolen shit. "Even the people who make it cant tell the difference!"
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    I would become invisible only while yelling "Im over here, yo peeps im over here!"
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    Ever listen to music while you play?

    I play music while i play oblivion. Because ive played it too much... the music hurts...
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    What does the Confederate flag represent to you?

    It represents the South. The two images i see are the confederate army grey, and a red pick up truck. But I also see racism, or the unwillingness to change. The south has to bear the original sin of slavery in america, and the racism it caused which is only recently beginning to dwindle...
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    Rockstar Settles on Mediocre L.A. Noire Box Art

    Its so cliche, the guy on the cover could be replaced by Leonardo di Caprio.
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    Poll: Can a review be valid if the reviewer did not finish the game in question?

    No, as similarly no-one had to complete an MMO before they could review it? Sometimes you only need a bite of a turd sandwich to know you aint gonna like the rest of it. - So as the Prometherion sayeth.
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    Blockbuster Wants to Put Itself Up for Auction

    How much is it to rent the company?
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    Political correctness

    Its a shame PC culture exists. I blame lawyers, taking on any cases on a no-fee basis. It forces people to bubblewrap themselves so they dont get sued.
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    Are sexualised women in games insulting to male audiences too?

    What trap? What campaign? I have an opinion, which i stated at the beginning of the thread. You are the one campaigning. Dont presume my ego, my beliefs and my opinion. People do give a fuck, and people are usually civil enough to discuss their opinions. Rather than the rant /thread combo.