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    Blind Gamer Beats Ocarina of Time After Five Years

    That is super impressive and heart warming... Okay I really, really hate to be that guy, this story is really inspiring, but this article is terribly written. Isn't someone supposed to edit articles before they go up?
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    Temporarily deaf, recommend me anything with subtitles, anime or whatever.

    Weird topic I know because I can watch anything with subtitles, but is there anything in particular that strikes out to people? Something where maybe the sound or acting doesn't need to be that great but the story is pretty good?
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    Just as Planned

    All according to keikaku.
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    Mentally challenged characters in video games.

    The only ones I can think of that haven't been mentioned so far are the people in the insane asylum in Indigo Prophecy, which is the most offensive representation of mentally challenged people I've ever seen in a game. David Cage really doesn't like people with mental issues. Sorry does...
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    The Shadow over Unova

    Okay, what the hell is that top picture? I saw that ages ago and I have no idea what it is but it looks amazing.
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    Can you suggest any finished anime I can watch instead of Berserk to scratch my dark fantasy itch?

    Because its good or because its never going to be finished?
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    List your favorite games and next person will give their thoughts on it

    I haven't played a single game the person above me has so, I dunno, I guess I'll be a dick and just break this rule. MGR: Revengeance. Dragon Age: Inquisition Dark Souls 2 XCOM: EU Payday 2 The Warriors (PS2/OG Xbox) Saints Row 1/2/3 (haven't played 4 yet) State of Decay Spiderman 2
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    Let's Talk Wrestlemania! (Has WWE booked Lesnar too strong?)

    I hate to be just the downer guy with the tidgy tiny post, but I don't think there is a single person being booked right in the WWE right now. I have never been this bored thinking of Wrestlemania. And thats sad.
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    Ghost in the shell. Where do I begin?

    Everyone is telling me I need to watch Ghost in the Shell... but there is a lot of series of it. Do I start with that old film? Are there any that suck that I should miss out? Are some of the series sequels or or interconnected or anything?
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    #001 - Twice Daily

    So same character but alternate universe? Also I read something about this being a different Erin who was a novelist or something on the Patreon? Or is that a lie my brain told me?
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    Knights of Pen & Paper Goes 16-Bit in New Sequel

    I liked the first one, but Christ does the final stretch of the game kill itself. I went from playing it religiously to only ever pulling out my phone and playing one battle at a time when I was insanely bored and wanted any kind of distraction. So hopefully they fix that. Also it wasn't...
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    A Lament for the Jump Button

    I feel the same. I always thought it was strange how I could never jump in Dragon Age or Fable, Fable had specific moments where you could vault over fences and down ledges but that was it. Dragon age Inquisition added a jump button and I had no idea just how much of a difference it would make...
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    Do you have any recurring themes in your dreams?

    I keep having dreams where I faint but I'm aware what's going on around me, or I lose total control of my body and go limp.
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    Uncharted 4 May Not Run at 60 FPS Because "It's Really F---ing Hard"

    You know what? Fine. At least they are saying outright that it is difficult rather than saying any bullshit like "30FPS is more cinematic," or "it has the feel of 60FPS." How can something have the feel of a much superior version? Whatever, at least Naughty Dog are being honest which is...
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    Yes, Women in Dragon Age Could Use Longswords

    What fucking what? People are saying... WHAT FUCKING WHAT?! HOW? How are people this fucking stupid and ignorant. Have they not seen physically strong women before? Body builders, athletes, fucking PE teacher Jesus Christ. This is some old world thinking shit right here.