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    The Game of Thrones Dilemma

    The shows may have the same end point in target (because Martin told the showrunners how it ends), but they're already way off from the direction the books are going. The show is the show. The book is the book. I'm actually more excited for this season because there are almost definitely...
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    April Fools 2012 Collection

    So, just some of the April Fools jokes that I've found this morning. Google never fail to deliver: Google Racing [] Virtua Vineyard by Sega...
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    American Versions of English Shows

    Have to go with The Office. I enjoyed the 2 seasons and 2 Christmas Specials we got of our Office, but massively prefer the US version. Aside from the first few episodes - where Carell is doing Michael Scott as David Brent, rather than Michael Scott as Michael Scott - I think it's a far...
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    those "you could've told me" moments in games

    I stumbled at the same hurdle. I'd try running all the way down the hill hoping to trigger an event; then I tried running into the bunker at the side for weapons, thinking something in there would be a trigger. Finally, while I was avoiding fire and moving down the left side of the hill, I stood...
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    Dexter season 6

    So glad I've found somewhere I can talk about this. Only one of my friends watches it and he still has the last 2 episodes before he can watch the finale. Spoiler tagged for easiness: Gah, so good to get that out.
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    China's Joyland Park Rips Off StarCraft and WoW

    Not a big Starcraft fan so a lot of the first pictures were lost on me and I was just thinking "Okay, it's a bit near the line but it's hardly a big rip-off"... ...then I see a few buildings that have a hint of Orc-ish style about them, but still not too bad. Then I see a re-coloured version...
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    Skyrim Character Plans?

    Hard to say really. Might go with one of the beast races to see just how bad-ass I can make them without giving myself nightmares. All I do know is that one of the first things I will be doing is killing someone and then going to sleep. Hopefully, the method for getting noticed by the Dark...
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    Bethesda Introduces Skyrim's New Faces

    Every single one of those looks terrifying. I don't like the look of the Orcs though. They seem too humanised, kinda like green Nords with big teeth.
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    Sony Announces Its Own Summer of Arcade Promotion

    I don't mind Sony copying the "Summer of Arcade", but "PlayStation Network Play" is an awful name for it.
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    Brienne Of Tarth Will Be (Literally) Huge In Game Of Thrones

    I think she has the look of what I imagine Brienne to be like, even though the features aren't naturally there. I just want to know who's going to be cast as Stannis.
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    The Item to your immediate right

    A plate. Awesome. I could kill 1, maybe 2 zombies and then it'd be broken. :(
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    The Most Immoral Thing You've Done in a Video Game

    I think it was probably in Deux Ex: Invisible War. There's a kid who gives you a tip in one mission and he was just standing there. So, because games rarely let you harm kids, I thought I'd shoot him. I killed him. :| So I hid his body in a dumpster and continued on my way. :D ~~ Loads...
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    Commentary on ?Baelor?

    You just blew my mind!
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    E3: Rocksmith

    In Ubisoft's overly long and boring briefing, this was the only thing (aside from AC: Revelations) that I actually took notice of. With something like this, I will definitely be picking up my guitar a lot more.
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    Trailers: Halo 4 Teaser

    Haters gonna hate. I love Halo. I cannot wait for 4 (though a whole new trilogy seems to be pushing it, if I'm honest).