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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    You're not wrong, but I don't think there's anything wrong with walking sims and considering the series never really had good combat, ditching it entirely wasn't the worst idea. It's not perfect, the puzzles are too easy, the chase sequence in the school goes on for too long and it's not scary...
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    The Muppets.

    I think the Muppets are just some of those universally, timelessly funny characters and I believe as long as there are writers with a decent sense of humor working with them, they'll always be able to do something funny with them. Wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan, or anything, but I think the...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Super Mario Brothers Yes, the one from the 90s. I somehow went my entire life without ever seeing it, despite it actually having come out the year I was born. It follows the misadventures of Mario and Luigi, a pair of plumbers from Brooklyn (Yeah, I know that was, like, their canon backstory...
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    Resident Evil 8 - 4 X 2 = A village

    Finished it yesterday. It was not unenjoyable but god, did it have an identity crisis. Mechanically and stylistically it was missing a strong foundation. Maybe this is an old fashioned and rigid way of thinking but I always felt that ideally a game should start out with some core mechanics that...
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    Any thoughts on that live action Powerpuff Girls T.V. show?

    Making the tomboy a lesbian perpetuates stereotypes about both, though.
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    Dr. Fauci “not convinced” coronavirus developed naturally

    I dunno. The US government has always had more of a long distance relationship with the truth and Occam's Razor makes me find it much more likely that the virus is the result of poor hygiene standards in a third world nation, rather than some Umbrella Corp. bioweapon. If there is actual research...
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    Any thoughts on that live action Powerpuff Girls T.V. show?

    I haven't read the new scripts, but let me guess: It's devoid of humour, needlessly angsty, has egregious amounts of high school/college drama, downplays all the goofier/cartoonier elements and characters, has a lot of "teen talk" that was obviously written by middle aged people and has a lot...
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    Why 99% of (Mainstream) Movies are Garbage

    99% of everything is garbage, honestly.
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    Movie, TV, and Music Hot Take(s).

    You bet your ass it is. The sequel series to Karate Kid. It's on Netflix. You should check it out.
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    Movie, TV, and Music Hot Take(s).

    Everything the Wachowski Sisters have made after the Matrix movies was better than the Matrix movies. Yes, even the original. Christopher Nolan hasn't made a good or even an enjoyable movie in a very long time. The last one was Dark Knight, and that was held up my the actors alone. Southland...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Army of the Dead Zack Snyder directing a Netflix original, which turns out to be a fairly straight forward Zombie movie. It definitely is a departure from the pop-mythological epics that were his last few superhero movies, less elegant and bombastic, more self aware and gritty. Also shorter...
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    Yasuke - Netflix Animated Show

    Bojack Horseman had a really good run.
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Eraserhead Not the first time I've seen it. Or the second. Or even the third. But I did rewatch it the other day, and each time I feel like I understand it a bit better. It's David Lynch's debut, and it's very much in line with, say, Michael Mann's Thief or Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, a 100%...
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    Zack Snyder’s Justice League

    I think what they want is the original plan for five movies by Snyder to be realized, meaning two more Justice League sequels directed by him. I think he had a pretty clear outline for them before the whole kerfuffle back in 2017 happened. Personally, I'm fine with it ending at Justice League...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    Zack Snyder's Justice League A lot has been written about this movie, much of it relating to its relationship with a version of itself released in 2017 that director, cast and crew have, mostly, disowned entirely. That version. while still crediting Zack Snyder as its director, was, so goes the...