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    Diablo III Is Broken

    Yes, yes. My husband and I are among those 80%. We played to Inferno and just quit a couple of weeks ago. We didn't *want* to feel forced to use the AH - the loot pinata aspect of Diablo is what we've always enjoyed. But some of the champions and elites were so hard (vortex walling arcane...
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    Editor's Note: The Dick Tax

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    Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever: Babes

    Because to be genuinely sexist there'd have to be an actual attitude toward women rather than marketing monkeys waving red flags around to generate fake controversy and free publicity? Sexism? Of the puerile variety maybe. Cynicism? In abundance.
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    Man May Face 10 Years in Prison for Modding an Xbox

    I'm guessing the fact that he was modding the consoles as a for-profit business had something to do with the decision to prosecute. That said, the case sounds like it's going to be a disaster:
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    Rumor: Tron: Legacy Might Be a Financial Flop

    I'm a woman and dragging my not-terribly-interested husband to it. But I'm not sure "loved the original in my late teens and want to see a CGI reverse-aged Jeff Bridges" is precisely the demographic Disney is interested in targeting...
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    Review: The Undergarden

    Thank you for calling the protagonist a "grinning monkey thing." Maybe eventually that will cleanse the image from the reviewer who called it a teletubby :)
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    Playing by Yourself Is Fine With Valve

    Neat! We'll have to check that out - thanks :) Our initial efforts at playing L4D with a couple of friends left us feeling like we were trailing in the wake of meerkats on meth, but maybe we should try again sometime...
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    Playing by Yourself Is Fine With Valve

    Yes, please! My husband and I have sunk more hours than I care to admit into Borderlands because we like playing co-op shooters together and there just aren't that many options. We're still slogging our way through Left 4 Dead 2, but the AI makes it a bit of a frustrating duo experience.
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    Question of the Day, November 5, 2010

    The only thing that might be nice is games with gender choices in protagonists making that a little more obvious. I wouldn't have minded a trailer or two with a female version of Shepherd from Mass Effect, say. But if the marketing machines that try to target women continue doing it by adding...
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    Shamus Plays WoW #1: It's An Imp's Life

    Well it's, err, eight slightly different *kinds* of kobolds... :)
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    Jaffe: Gamers' Rights Efforts are "Pointless and Naive"

    I think it's the creeping regulatory aspect that bothers people - me among them. Recent studies seem to suggest that the ESRB is a more effective informal regulatory body than the MPAA, but videogames are still repeatedly singled out for special legislative attention while movies slide under the...
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    Meeting Online Friends IRL

    My husband and I hosted a WoW guild party at our place in central California a few years back. People came from Los Angeles, the Bay Area and Calgary, Canada (one Canadian guildie who couldn't make it sent along an awesome cake with the guild logo). Some of us already knew each other irl, which...
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    Nintendo Wants Gamers to Play Through Breathing

    That looks a lot like the style of sensor used in the biofeedback game/exercise Wild Divine - interesting that Nintendo got a patent for it. Graphical biofeedback exercises can be a surprising amount of fun - my husband and I had a party hijacked for the better part of the night while our...
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    Don't get me started on the stupid Fable meat-eating thing. Rescue slaves, eat tofu - it's all the same morally. Sheesh. I liked Mass Effect 2 for subtlety - the paragon/renegade continuum seemed to have more substance than the too-usual "save kitten or serve kitten in pie!" I always play...
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    Lego Bricks Require More Polygons Than World of Warcraft Avatars

    WoW system requirements: - Intel Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 1500+ - ATI Radeon 7200 or NVIDIA GeForce 2 class card or better Lego Universe system requirements: - Pentium 4 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3200+ - ATI Graphics Card Radeon X600 Series or Nvidia Graphics Card GeForce 6600...