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    The Future of Videogames

    You gots to teach dem peeps dat they could be playing better games if they'd stop playing into the hands of big-budget marketing. Like this good fella does. [] Recent...
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    The Future of Videogames

    Again, you are thinking of immersion in terms of being transported into the game world. I'm talking about immersion in terms of getting immersed in the game, that is, it holds your undivided attention & sucks you in, whether it's an FPS (Painkiller) or a fighter (Street Fighter) or a platformer...
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    The Future of Videogames

    The problem I'm having here is that you seem to have no issues with the idea of a reboot, & while there are a few great ones, I don't think we need more reboots considering how much of the original games get shafted.
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    The Future of Videogames

    Kids that are being shown that all these crappy games are the standard in videogames. As mentioned before, these are all tools to achieve immersion, but immersion is about multiple factors, some that differ from person to person. This is true, so let's try to achieve a consensus as to what...
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    The Future of Videogames

    The majority of AAA gaming then. That is, most of the money flows out of the hands of people who gobble up whatever they're fed without really paying attention, & into the pockets of businessmen. Any industry follows the money, & that results in fewer good games released. I'm not accusing the...
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    The Future of Videogames

    We care about video games right? We need more games that we can geek out over, right? & what is it about a game that makes them worth geeking out over? One word: Immersion. Immersion covers just about every aspect of what makes a game good. The whole shebang needs to be right for the game...
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    The zodiacs & gold armor immediately made me think of the Saint Seiya series (an anime series with some video game releases). However, your description doesn't fully match it. Perhaps a spinoff/ripoff? MechCommander?
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    Right. Building a PC thread.

    Use this guide: Falcon Guide [].
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    Poll: The New Domain Suffixes

    For a brief tutorial for those of you who don't know, a "domain suffix" is that ".com" you see in that address bar above this text. Other suffixes are ".net" & ".org", for example. To begin with, I came across this article: ROFL: Google fights for web suffixes, .lol, .bank...
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    Painkiller Returns in Hell and Damnation

    Frickin' hell. Why don't they realize that the problem isn't just their game, it's that the market is flooded with FPS's & it's unlikely that they can find anything innovative to add that would make a new Painkiller special. Just like Neil Gaiman decided not to create a vampire movie right...
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    Windows XP Countdown Timer Won't Work WIth Windows XP

    What I'm going to miss from XP is all the useful little apps that the community has made for it that I find invaluable. I've been using & tweaking XP for too long to abandon my investment of time & knowledge in it so easily. I know that I'll have to upgrade eventually, but I'm hoping that by...
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    Will The Last Story Be Final Fantasy Creator's Last Game?

    Oh come on... The Last Story and Final Fantasy are names that have a pretty equivalent definition. Considering no Fantasies so far have been Final, why should we assume that this Story is gonna be the Last?
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    Woman Claims to Own the Sun

    Hooded capes are going to be a needed instead of a weirdly desired product now. As well as night vision goggles. Riddick would have a blast!
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    Modder Creates Amazing Dreamcast Handheld

    Badass, Awesome, Perfect... So many words but not enough to describe this.