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    What's so outrageous about Uplay?

    edit: my bad i was confusing GFWL with uplay. the only problem ive had with it is when it deleted my assassins creed black flag save file witch is my worst and pretty much only experience with uplay
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    Let's talk American football, specifically your favorite and least favorite team(s)

    dolphins fan here going on about 6 years riding high at the moment although that's likely to change over the next couple of months. there my home team so i have to root for them if i had to chose another city to cheer for it would be the lions because they find such creative ways to lose (im...
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    Favorite of the Following

    boy do i like random lists here i go MOVIE: this is going to be the hardest one for me because i don't like movies that much. right now im gonna go with o brother were art thou. ask me again later and it will be different. BOOK: glen cooks the black company if that was a women i would...
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 004: Irregardless Edition - Ant-Man, X-Men, Star Wars Overdose

    that wasn't how Vince Vaughn died in the lost world in fact he might have survived the whole movie. so if i ruined the movie for you bob.
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 001: How Spider-Man 2 Sucks

    ive never read or watched game of thrones but from your description of the rape id say that bad editing is the culprit for turning it into a rape. especially if neither the director nor the actors that it was played out that way.
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    Recommend me a fun PC shooter

    killing floor you should try killing floor. its a class based horde mode, fun with a decent community behind it you should give it a shoot.
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    Escapist Podcast: 123: Steam Early Access & Xbox One Youtube Promotion

    i have bought a second copy of a game i already owned from steam. the game in question was oblivion i wanted it on pc for the mods so worth it.
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    I'm thinking about getting a gaming PC next year

    TEAM FORTRESS 2 is awesome and free try it you may like it. if it hasn't been mentioned yet it will be soon mount and blade is amazing. and ill also second a few i saw already mentioned terraria and vampire the masquerade bloodlines are good games give them a shot. some other general advice if...
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    Poll: How do you pay your friends?

    money much like religion and politics is a quick way to ruin a relationship. that's why i find the best solution to be bartering they provide a service for you you help them with something in return. my mom did her friends taxes they help us around the house, we still paid for the materials in...
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    Jimquisition: Integrity, Journalism, and Free PS4s

    jim i hate to tell you this but i think you may have voided the warranty of your ps4. also may i ask why you were blacklisted by Konami and what that entails.
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    Fun Unconventional Multiplayer

    i recommend the killing floor is a really fun multiplayer shooter, the different classes and fact that its coop and not competitive make it feel just different enough and fun enough to add it to this conversation, highly recommended.
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    The best glitch you have encountered in gaming?

    now this is what i call a head shot. if you dont want to follow the link the short story is team fortress 2 playing sniper huntsman i pin a solider to the wall he flips upside down and his head...
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    What Our Review Scores Mean

    hes not the reviews editor the escapist wants hes the reviews editor the escapist needs. it seems the expo was a potent of things to come when i close my eyes i can still hear the crowd chanting his name Jim! JIM!! JIM!!!!!!
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    I need a franchise to get into; I am bored.

    these two fine gentlemen have excellent taste in video games. i would also like to add fire emblem even though its only for Nintendo. as to your taste in particular killing floor would be a good alternative to team fortress 2.
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    Pokeymanz nicknames! I must know them!

    i haven't played one in awhile but the last time i did i gave all the ones i felt likely to use the names of fire emblem characters with my main either being Soren (male) or Lyn (female). Some other random rules i made all flyers had to be named after Pegasus units and Vulpix/Arcanine had to be...