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    Hellboy 3 is Dead, Director Confirms

    BUT THE TWINS! AND THE END OF THE WORLD! AND LIZ'S AND EVERYONE'S CHOICE! AND FUUUUUUCK!!! I loved those freaking movies, they made me a Mignola/Del Toro/Pearlman fan as a kid and got me into the original comics. Very sad , yet unsurprising, news.
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    New Dawn of War III Trailer Features Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar

    As someone who skipped DoW2 due to my PC getting to old to function I'll admit I got a bit of a nostalgia boner from seeing Angelos, Gorgutz and Macha again. It's been a while since I've 40K'ed it up.
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    The Next Overwatch Patch Will Bring Changes to Roadhog and Winston

    My brother and I only just started playing but Roadhog does seem a little bit overpowered to us, maybe it's because we're not used to him yet (I can already hear the git guds) but that fucking hook destroys. Also, I get that he's a tank but that regen made him nearly unkillable in most of our...
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    #004: Fresh Start

    Is Erin on Supportreon?
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    Overwatch Kicks Off "Year of the Rooster" Celebration

    So much ambivalence seeing Mei holding those red envelopes. On hand, she's super adorable, on the other, NO YOU MAY NOT HAVE MORE OF MY MONEY BLIZZARD!!!
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    #001: The Old Country

    Eriiiiiin! A WAW-WHAT!!! Super excited for a new arc.
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Rising 4

    Calling it, Frank's gonna be some super zombie boss in the next game.
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    Hideki Kamiya is "Very Sorry" for Scalebound Cancellation

    I know it's unfair to judge a game before it's release but the main character alone made me reluctant to buy this game, he looked like a huge douche. Maybe it was gonna poke fun at the "too cool" teenager archetype but if I had a fucking dragon to ride, I'd look a fair bit happier then that smug...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Last Guardian

    Having a Cocker Spaniel who's a complete twat who never listens to me, I feel like I can relate to this MC.
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    Bad Santa 2 - This Is BS

    I remember the first film being super cynical which is what made the happyish ending kind of a nice surprise, ditching that out come just makes the whole thing kinda pointless, why should I give a shit when your story/writers/characters/actors don't?
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    Zero Punctuation: Battlefield 1

    Now I can't get the image of a sad puppy wearing a trilby out of my head... Gonna go have a little weep.
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    Nintendo Addresses NES Classic Edition Avaliability

    I didn't even know the poxy thing was out until this morning when my brother said so whilst also informing me that no where has it in stock. Well fuck Nintendo this time, I never had a NES and was looking forward to actually playing these fucking titles but I'm not shelling out over 100 quid on...
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    A Dishonored 2 Pre-Order Gets You in the Game One Day Early - See New Gameplay Trailer

    As much as I loved the first game, I have plenty of other things I can preoccupy myself with for a single evening... don't think to hard about that statement... OR THAT ONE! Anyways, I'll wait Bethesda, thanks.
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    Zero Punctuation: ReCore

    Good point, but I'm fairly sure I remember Rey stating that her family left her there and she's waiting for them to come back, whether that's actually what happened hasn't been revealed but it's the conclusion she's come to. No matter how well adjusted a person you are that's gonna leave a mark...
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    Disney is Rebooting The Lion King

    Can't wait for the super relatable back story they'll give Scar whilst removing all the camp/dramatic flair from his personality, the lack of any real songs apart from some half-assed version of Hakuna Matata, and the destiny aspect of the story to be jarringly prominent this time round...