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    Music and intelligence

    No, and I don't say that to defend myself, since I don't listen to techno, pop or hip-hop. A more likely link would be pretentiousness to classical music listeners, there's something that might link up. I'm surprised Jazz is so low on that diagram. In my experience, the people I know...
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    What do you do when you rage?

    Break something I'll regret breaking. Smoke a cigarette.
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    I post drunk all the time. Please understand that slurring your words doesn't need to be typed down for us, you can type just fine, so do it instead of trying to act drunker than you are. I've been in quite a few crashes, the most severe of which was my own doing. It was late, or early in the...
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    Poll: Mugging

    In this thread, is so much BS. I've been mugged once; I was 11 years old, and an Aboriginal and two stocky Lebanese dudes started following me. It was night, in a fairly bad part of the city, and I really shouldn't have been around there at that age, but I had to get home somehow and my...
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    I used to love it, however my friends were never that interested, so when I stopped forcing them to play, we all stopped =(
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    Poll: To The Escapists; Why Do You Make Threads?

    I gave up on making threads. I only ever got to two pages, all of which happened while I was off doing other things. Then, they were dead and remained untouched. Most of them dropped off the first page in about 10 minutes. I made them for discussing stuff that no one seems to talk about here...
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    Poll: What's cooler, scars or tattoos?

    Scars can look OK, as long as they aren't scars from boiling water burns that simply turn you hideous. I worked with a guy who had a glass smashed in his face or something, he looked like such a badass, and it didn't really make him uglier. Tattoos, well every chump can have one. Every bogan...
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    Wait... Did I really just do that?

    Similar to this, I was drunk chatting to my mate, taking a break from the party. I said, "watch this; I'm about to get the bullseye first shot, and if I do, you have to admit that I'm the greatest." From the other side of the room I arc'd that badboy right into position in the center of the...
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    what annoys you?

    When I'm tired, everything annoys me. An insect crawling across my desk becomes rage inspiring (and I squash it). When I'm well slept, I'm generally a really calm person, with the exception of about 400 things, which I can't list due to lack of memory of what they are, and the excessive size...
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    If your and the above users avatars made love.

    It looks as if our hands were made for each other. Sex would be a series of high fives, and ass slapping, I suppose. I don't like the way that fist is looking at me though, maybe it's getting different ideas...
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    Poll: Disappointing games

    Dragon Age: Origins, terrible storyline (which is what I play rpgs for).
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    Sleeping pills?

    Nah... A lot of sleeping pills mix badly with alcohol, producing toxic crap and hurting your liver.
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    Word Association.

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    Are you smarter than a Canadian?

    Did anyone else get a massive headache from the last set of 'Direction' questions? I want my head to stop bleeding.
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    Should I move to Australia?

    It's utterly different to Scotland, I can tell you that much. The weather is basically polar opposite. If you do, be prepared for: Meatheads driving around in utes. Some deadly animals. A summer that will tear your skin off. A winter that can't decide if it wants to be luke-warm or hot...