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    THQ Kills Red Faction

    Honestly Guerrilla was the only one I liked, the first two were kind of uninspired shooters and Armageddon was a return to crappy form. The technology from the games is better suited to the much more fun Saints Row series, and I'm at least happy there were no further lay offs. Hopefully the team...
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    Poll: Best Cinema Director of the last 50 years

    Campell's Hero with a Thousand Faces has been used a thousand more times after Star Wars and a billion times before Star Wars. His book was merely a summary of how different mythologies has universal ideals and characteristics because they worked so well together. Calling Lucas a thief for...
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    Poll: Best Cinema Director of the last 50 years

    He's not insulting you, it says James Cameron created the characters (which he did) and nothing else. Cameron was not involved in the production of Terminator 3 as that was a studio decision to greenlight the film. There's more to read besides the IMDb page
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    E3: Postal III Trailer Rocks the Show

    I really don't see the relevance of the Postal games any more. We're filled with so many superior games graphically, storytelling, and gameplay wise that allow players to exploit a sandbox world that the Postal games seem like a quaint memory. I'll reserve judgment for Postal 3 until I see a...
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    California Assembly Approves $1 Billion "Internet Tax"

    As someone who has studied tax law, you are taxed on whatever gain in wealth you achieve. For retailers, they gain wealth by selling products. Online retailers have been avoiding this problem for years. By forcing online retailers to pay taxes that will mean they will have to start transferring...
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    Saints Row: The Third Trailer Brings Down the House (With Bullets)

    I love the hell out of these games, happy times are here again :)
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    Arkham City Doubles Your Pleasure with 25-Hour Campaign

    Hey more game, more fun
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    NBC Turns Down Wonder Woman Pilot

    This is proof that God exists and He is a kind and loving God; turning Wonder Woman into a lawyer with two other alter egos complaining about her breast size in a few places does not bring to mind the Amazonian super hero we were sold in the cartoons and comic. Done by the guy who was credited...
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    Anonymous Hacks Eidos, Deus Ex Websites - UPDATED

    These guys are a bunch of assholes, one minute they'll inflate their ego by claiming to fight for the oppressed, the next they choose to hack video game companies' online systems and steal their users' information. I almost want to encourage their idiotic behavior, so I can laugh when they...
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    Extra Punctuation: Building Sequels Badly

    I see your points with sequels, and while I don't always agree that there should be no sequel, I understand your frustration with how most sequels are done. And while the setup with Portal 2 commits the same sins as BioShock 2 and God of War 2, it's the rest of the story that made it up for me...
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    Game Lets You Kill Bin Laden Again and Again (and Again...)

    it's almost as if I was just screwing with your expression :P
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    Game Lets You Kill Bin Laden Again and Again (and Again...)

    Too late for that, his body swims with the fishes in freezing cold water, so technically he's ice cold
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    Game Lets You Kill Bin Laden Again and Again (and Again...)

    Poor taste to make something about a man's death in war? You mean the poor taste in making military shooters year after year loosely based off historical events?
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    Valve Outgrows Its "Episodes Phase"