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    Pokemon Go Players Have Walked More Than 8.7 Billion Kilometers

    Ah, yes, 8.7 billion. What a nice, round number.
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    Battlefront's Campaign Was Cut so it Could Launch With Episode VII

    While I appreciate the honesty, I'm kinda scratching my head over the fact that they thought that interest in a good Star Wars game would really wane all that much between episodes VII and VIII. I mean, maybe the hype would die a little, but you'd think they'd more than make up for it by...
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    "Sad Affleck" Meme Surfaces Following Negative Batman Vs. Superman Reviews

    It's worth considering that Michael Keaton was a similarly controversial casting choice who was praised upon the actual release of the movie. (I don't actually have a point here; it's just an interesting coincidence.)
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    No Dual Audio For Western Release of Fire Emblem Fates

    One of the things I really enjoyed about Awakening was being able to switch to whichever of the two languages I was in the mood for. I made a point of saving before every conversation and cut scene so I could listen to both versions. It was a simple pleasure, and I'm sad that the next games...
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    Disney May Ban Leia's Gold Bikini From All Star Wars Merch

    Disregarding the bits of that post that aren't actually relevant to my argument (The reproduction thing wasn't exactly the crux of it, yanno), fine. There might be an in-universe explanation for the bikini Qui-excuse me, Leia is wearing. That doesn't make my argument (or disappointment in the...
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    Disney May Ban Leia's Gold Bikini From All Star Wars Merch

    That scene always bothered me. Partly for the sexism, yes, but also because it was blatant fan service. There was no Watsonian reason for Leiah to be dressed like that. Jabba is a slug man, and probably breeds by dividing or something. He's not going to find Leiah any more sexually attractive...
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    Why Ladies Ruled the 2015 Summer Movie Season

    What about Ex Machina?
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    Hard Questions

    RE: The tags Is it defenestration if you throw yourself out the window?
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    #44 - Six

    Dude, he was in the middle of a conversation. Rude.
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    EA Will Delay Battlefront if Something Goes Wrong

    You know what? I'm cool with this. A lot of games are shipped with problems, and what EA is saying here is that they're not going to allow that. Good for them.
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    #005: Glitchland

    Thanks, Scrythe. Have the codes in two, three, or four been translated yet? I've started on two, though screwed up somewhere, and as for three and four...I might do them, if I'm asked to, but there isn't any spacing between the letters, which complicates things.
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    #001: Insert Coin

    Curse your decision to include easter eggs! But yeah, I typed it up by eyeball. Goddamn it, how long have we had software like that?
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    #001: Insert Coin

    Blaaarg. I moderately dislike binary. Anyways, here's what it translates to, I think. I may have made a mistake, though I have the proper number of characters in my binary code. White.Rabbit NeuroClientVirt-Real Project { /// /// ver SPECIAL-00029 (from 00.029)...
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    Why the Marvel Movies Should Ditch Peter Parker

    I mostly just don't want Spiderman to be a kid. Adding teenagers is kind of hit and miss, and while I don't abhor risks, it seems an unnecessary one. Age Morales up and I'm happy.