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    The Big Picture: Is The Hobbit Too Long?

    Re: how will the content of the book be divided among the next two movies? {beware of spoilers, I guess} I think the second one will (and/or should) deal with the dwarves meeting Beorn, getting through Mirkwood, making it to Lake Town, and setting off for the Lonely Mountain, while Gandalf...
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    Neil Gaiman Announces Sandman Prequel

    Double post, sorry.
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    Neil Gaiman Announces Sandman Prequel

    I have (and love) the first three volumes. Looks like I need to get the rest of them... :) So psyched.
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    The most disturbing fan fiction you have ever read.

    "Captain of Mordor," a Faramir/Shagrat "love" story. Even typing those words make me want to puke. The author also seemed to think LOTR takes place in a Renaissance-type setting rather than a medieval one. Blargh. There was also one about a prepubescent Lara Croft being raped multiple times by...
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    Why is there such snobbery towards Hip-Hop?

    I think the general question of why people don't like hip-hop has probably been answered already, so I'll just say I'm not the biggest fan because I have difficulty making out what the lyrics are in many genres (some disconnect between my ears and my brain just won't let me make out the words...
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    An antagonist that you absolutely loathe

    I admit to only having read all of the first two books (reading A Storm of Swords now), but... Edit from right before posting (after writing the above):
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    What did you name your Skyrim character?

    All of my elfy characters in this sort of game get called Nienna (from Tolkien).
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    Recurring themes in your dreams

    My dreams seem to have an aesthetic that matches their content...some of the time, anyway. Sometimes I dream in different animation styles, but in those ones I'm usually watching stuff happen to other people and "physically" detached from the action. Sometimes I have 1st person dreams, which are...
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    Poll: Would you accept immortality?

    Hard to say...definitely would if I also got a TARDIS.
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    Poll: Suiting up

    I like seeing guys in (well-fitting) suits. They either look handsome/distinguished/successful, or hilarious.
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    D&D Classes.

    I've had lots of fun in 4th edition as both a wizard and a warlock (eladrin and drow/dark pact, respectively). Playing a predator druid was also fun, but a little frustrating at times in my last campaign (mostly because the DM was giving a lot of help in and out of game to the 2 new players...
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    What is your favorite anime series?

    My only experience is with Evangelion, Naruto and Code Geass, but I really like all three.
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    Poll: Topics in Middle East History

    If only... :)
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    Poll: Topics in Middle East History

    They were both pre 1500... :L
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    Poll: Topics in Middle East History

    I'm in an introductory history course about modern Middle East history (from 1500 CE's a rather broad definition of "modern") and we'll be writing term papers about a topic of our choosing. My main approach will probably be historiography (writing about historical sources, comparing...