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    your skyrim character and his backstory.

    Dark Elf Ammolds(von Lichenstein, if there's enough space for a name that long) No real set alignment. He does what's necessary, primarily thinking what's best for himself. He prefers to help the common citizen, rather than the greedy noble. He is, or well was (before his capture and the...
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    Critical Miss: Battlefield 3

    Yeah, I saw TB's WTF is BF3 Single Player Campaign. Eh... ye know, as much as I wanted BF3 to just step on and then deliver the finishing boot to CoD... I now, wish that CoD would instead finish off BF. BF made a leap... over CoD... into that pile of s¤#& CoD was heading towards. Well...
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    BioWare Lifts the Lid on Dragon Age 2 DRM

    Yet another blow against piracy... now... only time will tell how they'll react.
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    Would you confess to necrophilia, to save your life?

    Yeah... I know what you mean. Coming up with random chaos theories is one thing, but this... eh... this is something on a new level. I possibly need to have a long chat with myself. Also forgot to add to the subject that.. ...yes there are tons of things you can do instead of confessing...
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    Would you confess to necrophilia, to save your life?

    Ok here's one of those wierd questions that occasionally pop on my mind. First the setup. You live in a world pretty much like Tamriel. Swords, magic, middle-ages and all that. As you head towards a major city, a storm brews and you have to take shelter in a nearby cave. You step in and...
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    206: The Shrooms of Oblivion

    I bought the game about 4 years ago. On my first couple of saves I went through the game with quick-travel and I was mostly focused on being the best in Cyrodiil. Working my way up in the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood. Then when I reached it I just left...
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    What Are Some Good Female Bands?

    Well all that I know are mentioned... except. Mortal Love
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    Doomsday Arcade: Episode Three

    Well, keep up the good work then.
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    Review: Wet

    This game has it's similarities with Total Overdose, what used to be my favourite game, before Assassin's Creed, and in a way it seems to be better. Although taken by the story it may be boring and quite repeative, it is still a great way to just have fun. Wet is a game you play when you are...
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    Zero Punctuation: Duke Nukem Forever

    This is just EPIC!!! I can't believe how many people think that this game actually exists... Seriously... this is more funnier to read than the video... I'm speechless... xD But the video was LOLz to xD
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    Unforgotten Realms: Episode 32: There's Nothing Wrong with Helping a Buddy Out!

    "sucks to be you" xD rofl... what is the deal with the fanboy whining here... the episode goes how Rob wants it to go and if he is tired of it then he will stop... The only thing you fanboys here are doing is just whining about something that isn't yours.
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    Poll: Is fallout 3 better than Oblivion?

    For me both games were very good. Although they had theyr flaws like Oblivions bad dialogs or FO 3's very small character customization they both were still good games... after adding a few mods. I'd say they are equal because one is a futuritic fps style RPG and the other is a epic old world...
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    Unforgotten Realms: Episode 31: I Would Have Named Him Peter

    Firstly... all you fanboys out there can go and **** yourselves. Roflolmao on the "Figure shit out check" xD and a big lol on the dancing xD
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    Unskippable: Quantum of Solace

    This one had the comedy factor in it, but it was quite dull. Nice one though.
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    Poll: Thing Thing

    I'm not sure uf this is only rating Thing-Thing or all the episodes of the Thing-Thing... so i'm gona rate them all. Thing-Thing - It's nice and it pretty good for a first episode. It gets repeative indeed after playing for several times but if you play the other episodes after that then it...