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    Elias Toufexis: Deus Ex's Jensen Cost Me Jobs

    It's "Londom MCM", not "MGM".
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    US Dark Souls II PS3 Beta Delayed

    If you're in human form, you can also summon Witch Beatrice (an NPC) from her sign under some bushes, under the stairs of the tower you have to climb to get to the boss.
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    Kill la kill

    Loved it. It's everything I wanted and more. Not sure why OP mentioned it's animation quality; I thought it was the main thing that let it down. If you're looking for an example of a really well animated show, Kyoukai No Kanata just started airing too, and that looks really pretty.
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    Food meant to be hot that you eat cold

    You've misunderstood. I meant in the sense that you usually don't warm up cakes before eating them, not that you serve them chilled.
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    Food meant to be hot that you eat cold

    ...But those things are always served cold anyway? This is pretty much me. I find even eating cold sandwiches hard, because they're so much nicer when warmed up/toasted.
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    What's your 'I love it, but it drives me up the f&$king wall!' game?

    Hey, that's funny. Me too! It's nowhere near as scary as I remember. I love it to bits, but I really hate how the game loves spawning enemies in behind you. Main one at the moment for me would be Dark Souls. It's one of my favourite games ever. But last night I was invaded 5 times in a row...
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    The Last Of Us Multiplayer Censored in Europe, Naughty Dog Confirms

    Actually, for whatever reason, more games lately are starting to be censored in all of Europe because of Germany. Recent example being Fire Emblem: Awakening, which didn't even have any blood or sexual content at all, but still had a CG and conversation censored for whatever reason.
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    Games you have EVERY achievement/trophy for?

    The only platinum trophy I have is for Demon's Souls. Purely because I love that game so much that I thought it deserved it.
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    Removing One's Rocks

    Hah, "Touch Fluffy Tail". Nice!
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    Which Fire Emblem should I start with?

    I'd personally argue that you don't even need to do this. Awakening was my first FE game and, after a rather rough start, I got the hang of how the game works. Perma death adds a lot of weight to your decisions, regardless of whether you're reloading if someone dies or not. It's personal...
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    Not at all! I actually quite like him. Nice to see a character with strong ideals amongst a see of "anything goes" anti heroes.
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    Fate/Stay Night and Typemoon in General

    Shiki. Why yes, I did love Kara No Kyoukai. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing another adaptation of F/S N. As someone who's played all of the VN, the anime was a massive disappointment. Still, the Unlimited Blade Works movie was fairly decent. ....Not sure if I want...
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    Immersive first person games

    I'd say Metro 2033. The attention to detail is really high. And the feeling of exploring the overworld with a gas mask over your face is extremely claustrophobic.
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    League of Legends Unleashes Spirit Guard Udyr

    I see. Thanks for explaining! :)
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    League of Legends Unleashes Spirit Guard Udyr

    Why is such a small update for one specific game considered important enough to get it's own article? I'm not trying to pick a fight, i'm genuinely curious. I mean, LoL gets new skins all of the time, so it's hardly as important as, say, a major patch to a game.