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    When game hate becomes laughable.

    For me this all sums it up: "Hating a game before ever having played it". A lot of people hate a game because it is part of a specific franchise (CoD, BF), made by a specific developer/publisher (Activision), belonging to a specific genre (FPS, JRPG). Now I have to say a lot of games just dont...
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    Historical "facts" and popular representations of histrical figures that are wrong

    The Death Squads were callen Einsatzgruppen if I remember correctly. Himmler was a very bad guy, but the one person who was even worse was Reinhard Heydrich. He started tests with gassing Jews (or the most efficient way to remove the Jewish problem, as he would've said). Himmler was a...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    Parents are responsible for raising their own kids. Not the government, not the school, not the neighbours. Parents are, and they should be punished in some way if they fail to raise their kids in a proper way. Elaboration: I'm a teacher, and have had a lot of parents coming to me talking...
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    So who else

    To be able to be the first one who plays it amongst your friends I guess. Or you're really really psyched for the game. But you're not the only one. I usually buy these games later on for the same reasons.
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    Older games that aged well. (strictly talking about graphics)

    For me: Golden Sun Final Fantasy 3-5 Baldur's Gate series Icewind Dale series Most strategy games, like Age of Empires Super Mario Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2 in the US I think)
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    Phrases That Make You "Cringe"

    1. Americans who use the word "like" between almost every word they say. 2. Soccertalk, pretentious babbling about the sport. Worthy of mention is Johan Cruyff, who, at 64, still hasn't mastered the most basic Dutch grammar. 3. It's not my thing, or "I'm doing my thing"
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    Cheapest Multiplayer Tatic/Class/Combo (can be all three)

    For me it gets annoying when you're playing a scout, medic, pyro, or anything with low health, you run around a corner, soldier pops up, panic fires into the wall or ground, and you die. Meanwhile the soldier takes no damage at all. Besides that, TF is pretty balanced. If you're losing a...
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    Should gaming online be a mic only zone?

    I use a mic when playing with people I know. Otherwist it's just a game of Russian roulette. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Besides, my first language isn't English. For me that isn't too big a deal, but for some it means they can't communicate (for example 12 year olds)
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    Musical Stereotypes.

    Because I'm a bassist, I'm supposed to be: - smoking - using weed/hash - be chill and laidback - some kind of failed guitar player
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    THQ Kills Red Faction

    A lot more publishers should have the guts to stop manufacturing new sequels to their established franchises. But that won't happen...
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    Poll: In the States you can have a drivers license at 16. That is much too young.

    I think it depends on the standards, and not the age. I've seen people in the US get their license driving like an idiot. That said, I think it should be raised to 18, mainly because I don't see the point of people driving at 16. And considering weight, buying a bicycle may be the better choice.
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    Poll: How do you feel about younger gamers?

    I don't play FPS's online, so I can't comment on that. However, I've played WoW, and here are my observations: I used to be in a guild that had no age restriction. There was some talk about it, but other than that, everyone with the right application was welcome. This led to our guild being...
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    Place you hate to visit in games

    Anything without variation in it. What comes to mind (considering recent games I played) - Long industrial corridors in Dead Space - Sewers in any RPG - Small rooms that require a loading screen to enter and exit (breaks the flow) - Dark rooms where you can only see darkness or a dark color
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    Is portal hard?

    Portal is easy. The appeal of the game isn't the difficulty, it's the story (which is the best reason to play the game). Don't know if you have to be stupid to not complete the game, but if Portal gives you a challenge mentally, maybe it's time to find another hobby.
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    Ignorance on Facebook (censored for the well-being of this thread)

    It's women's soccer? And people are bringing WW2 into the discussion? That's really pathetic. And like kman said, it's the ignorance of people in general.