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    Where are all the first person rpg's?

    Lots of interesting opinions from both sides of the fence when it comes to FP-RPG as a genre in of itself. However, the discussion has kind of reinforced my opinion; you wouldn't even have to compete with Bethesda in that market-space, there's plenty of room for more studios. There have been...
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    Where are all the first person rpg's?

    Yeah, that's along the lines I was thinking. With the tech having reduced the cost of 3D games so extremely (eg Unity, Unreal) it seems like a rather unexplored, but natural progression-- one that ought to attract smaller studios' interest. Sure, they won't compete directly with the AAA's, but...
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    Where are all the first person rpg's?

    Outside Bethesda's attempts, it seems like a rather unexplored genre still. I'm not talking about shooters with rpg-elements, but full on roleplaying games in the tradition of crpgs, but interpreted from the first person perspective. Most games I can think of are really old; I guess there's...
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    J.J. Abrams Talks About Why [Redacted] Had to [Redacted] in The Force Awakens

    That kind of nails why I didn't like TFA. Weak-ass emo-villain and every important plot point has happened off-screen a long time ago. It was so anticlimactic I kinda lost interest at that point. "Show don't tell" is the most basic thing in script writing, yet JJ and co really don't seem to get...
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    Please don't be a jerk and frighten cats with cucumbers

    Cats don't get pranks, huh? Having had many cats of various temperaments, I call bullshit on that. If you're being a dick about it, then you're just a dick, but pranking your cat in the right circumstance can certainly create a bond. Cats aren't all that smart, but clever and social, that they...
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    Highly acclaimed anime you dropped.

    Code Geass From an action perspective I loved the mecha bits, but the actual plot was the most predictable tripe I have ever watched. A poorly written Shakespeare drama with some shallow philosophy thrown in for good measure. When the supposed climax of the story approached, I just rolled...
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    Just a quick question to any who speak Japanese

    Those kanji can also be read as Phantom Drunkard Dagger :D I agree with Frezzato; Kagetoragatana is the straight up kun reading - Shadow Tiger Katana, although there are other readings. source:
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    What Does the End of Moore's Law Mean for Gaming?

    There's plenty more concurrency to exploit in modern sofware -- in particular the move away from thread models and into message passing (erlang-style) and fork/join models (opencl, cuda). If there's graphics power to spare, you can always have it do serial tasks. Consumer software has a long...
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    Does Your First Anime Still Hold Up?

    My first anime was Swan Lake from 1981(Sekai Meisaku Douwa Hakuchou no Mizuumi). A real classic! I didn't really have any concept of Japanese or Western animation at the time, but I kept being drawn to that 80s classic anime style. It wasn't until I saw SF Shinseiki Lensman, a few years after...
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    Games that are so good they've ruined every other game in their genre for you

    For me, Independence War 1 & 2 ruined and put a "so-called" in front of every other space sim. I'm hoping for Rogue System, but we'll see what that turns into with only one guy working on it.
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    Game Theory: Yes, PewDiePie. YouTube Is Broken

    Same here. For me it's more that I have very diverse interests and the algorithms keep going all one way or the other. I never log in so the data resets now and again when my ip switches and my cache clears. It's pretty funny when it messes up sometimes and displays a bunch of foreign languages...
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    Valve Ends Steam's Controversial Paid Mod Program

    there, fixed it for him. There were so many ways they could have done something like this "useful", but "profitable" seems to be the only agenda.
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    Ryan Reynolds Releases First Official Deadpool Picture

    I was thinking more like one of the space-opera arcs from one Marvel comic or another as an animated feature, rather than actual Disney stuff. But sure, Big Hero is something of the sort; although it feels more like leaning towards anime.
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    Ryan Reynolds Releases First Official Deadpool Picture

    I'm not generally interested in the movies, but I am a long time Marvel reader; I can't imagine Deadpool would make for a good film, unless they went all CGI and animation. Now, that I would watch. It bothers me that Marvel/Disney are so afraid of broadening the scope of their animation work...
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    Boeing Patents Force Field Technology

    Well' it's just a combination of point defence systems and reactive armour. Hardly a force field; a 'shield' I can accept, but a counter-explosion (as caused by the laser "ionizing the air") is nothing like the sci-fi concept of a 'force field'.