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    Pokemon Sun and Moon's Final Starter Evolutions Revealed

    Pokemon have never been "actual animals". They're monsters, hence the name of the series being Pocket Monsters. If they were meant to be animals, it'd be called Pocket Animals.
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    Eight New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

    "Legendary" doesn't mean there's only a small number of them. There are countless gods and mythical creatures in our world, does that make them any less legendary? And Black and White had the most new Pokemon of any Pokemon game; it had 156.
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    Eight New Pokemon Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

    This is Pocket Monsters, not Pocket Animals. A monster can look like anything; there are no rules. And there's nothing "realistic" about the Pokemon world. It's a world where ten year olds go around capturing monsters in balls and use them to fight other ten year old's monsters.
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    Evidence that Phil Fish stole code for Fez. "You hear a lot of things when you become a journalist prominent enough to cover big exclusives but not popular enough to be initiated into the game media elite?s inner circle. One of the more...