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    Dream the Impossible Dream

    *continues reading thread* And this is why I still love this site. Sometimes. I guess I'm in a good mood today.
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    Why is counter-strike popular?

    Try harder OP. IGN is that way ->
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    DOOM Includes a Permadeath Mode that Even the Devs Can't Beat

    That's... actually kind of amazing =)
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    DOOM Includes a Permadeath Mode that Even the Devs Can't Beat

    If John Romero still worked at id Software, he would boast about how many times he's finished it... In under 3 hours. Or less.
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    Heroes Are Born, Not Made

    I think this is the alternate universe where Max Payne finally ends up settling down and has a child... And a deeply scarred wife.
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    REPORT: 12-Year-Old Financing ISIS Through Youtube Channel

    Are we still in April's Fools?
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    Nvidia May Be Revealing the GTX 1080 Next Week

    Wut? 1080? No 4K?
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    DC Unveils Scooby Apocalypse and Future Quest Variant Covers

    I'm getting some heavy Iron Giant vibes from this picture, I'll be dissapointed if Johny doesn't end up with a giant alien robot buddy. Besides... I kinda dig the new design for Scooby and the gang.
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    NPC appreciation thread

    Tybalt from Guild Wars 2. Such a massive, huggable and lovable teddy bear. Eh... Charr.
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    Killer Instinct to Include Halo Arbiter in Season 3

    Keith David not voicing this Arbiter is definitely a bummer and the argument of "this isn't Halo 2/3's Arbiter!" is pretty fucking lazy and a cop out. But still, I'm pretty fucking excited about it! :D KI is constantly covered in Destructoid.
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    Why are so many people here angry?

    Used to be a regular here and definitely 'been there when lots and lots of "hot button topics" happened, like the ones Zhukov described. After a certain cataclysmic event and some staff changes made by Defy Media, a lot of good people left or simply learned to avoid certain topics, so the...
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    Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?

    Yeah, I think I didn't worded it out correctly, I was referring to Chrischan, because Bob's rant in his Pixels review almost reached that level of autistic man child outrage.
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    Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?

    I swear, I almost expect him to go to jail for exploding at a local Gamestop about Sonic's arms being blue or some other SJW nonsense. And its a big shame, because I used to really like his content, at least here on The Escapist. I liked his movie reviews, even if I didn't agree with him...
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    7 Lesser-Known Superhero Movies

    Pretty good list, although I greatly disagree about 2004 Punisher.
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    8 Classic Webcomics You Should be Reading

    Castle Vidcons [] is also pretty darn brilliant. It's about the gaming universe personified as a medieval drama between the console kings, each with their own distinct personalities, like the Mad King Wii, the long suffering Lord Playstation and the annoying as fuck...