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    8 MMOs that You Can Play Even if You Like Playing Alone

    Final Fantasy XI, on the other hand, IS pretty solo-friendly these days, which isn't terribly surprising given its age and slowly dwindling player base. A while back the devs introduced the Trust magic system, in which you can summon NPCs into a party with you, and have pretty much covered...
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    Final Fantasy XI PS2 and Xbox 360 Servers Shutting Down Today

    And trust me, most of the people playing would rather they hadn't. "PS2 limitations" was the go-to response from SE for just about every UI and system upgrade they didn't do, back in the day.
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    Spider-Man, Diversity and "Who Cares?"

    Meh. At the rate sales of Mighty Thor are dropping off, I reckon it's only a matter of time before they reboot it again anyway. Despite the oft-repeated claims about its success, the fact of the matter is that sales of the comic halved in four issues. Sure, it opened strong, but not as...
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    Moviebob's Text Review of Batman v Superman and oh boy he is ANGRY!!!

    It doesn't exactly surprise me; Bob's long since discovered one of the basic principles of the internet: Vitriol sells. His angry rants are the posts and videos that raise his profile, presumably boost his Patreon account, and while he doesn't want to get pigeonholed into doing them, you...
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    Predict the most overrated game of 2016

    If you're talking about the greatest gap between critical acclaim and player opinion, it'll inevitably wind up being some emotionally-fraught indie game that's the darling of critics everywhere but plays like crap.
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    Anytime politics play into a popularity contest, the result is basically irrelevant. Kinda like when popularity plays into a politics contest.
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    ... You're not opposed to the notion that men have more difficulty establishing support structures, you're opposed to the notion that men aren't putting forth the the same amount of effort? I'm assuming you made some terrible grammatical error here, so I'll address your point as if you meant...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    What I don't get here is why you appear to be so adamantly opposed to the notion that men have a more difficult time getting support for specific grievances (eg, being a battered spouse) than women do. So far you've attempted to write off each detailed incident of the difficulties faced by men...
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    Male problems only ever come up as a counter-argument

    Well... from the article: "Both Mr. Howitt and Mr. Matty said Mr. Silverman left a four-page suicide note blaming the government for failing to recognize male victims of domestic abuse."
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    The problem is that hypothetically at least, the Puppies aren't actually against message fiction. They're against boring message fiction. Now, that's generally being interpreted as them being against all message fiction, and their rhetoric (mostly Torgersen's, really) tends to undermine...
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    Fortunately, if you really care about who wins a Hugo award, you can pay your $40 and vote.
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    People are irritated by it since it has almost nothing to do with SF/F, and that if the Puppies hadn't pushed the slate, she'd have been nominated. Historically, it takes only a couple dozen votes to get a nom for the Hugo; the number of people who bother to submit ballots for the nomination...
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    77 someones, in fact. Which should give you an idea of why a few hundred Sad Puppies enthusiasts were able to dominate the Hugo nominations this year. I'm genuinely interested to see what comes up this time around, not so much in the sense that I think greater participation will yield a...
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    Best Related Work has often been a bit sketchy, aye, but Sarkeesian's inclusion was sketchier than most. I'd blame the Sad Puppies opposition linking them with Gamergate and put her inclusion on the slate as some sort of spite vote, but the fact of the matter is that there wasn't any real...
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    Actually, Larry Correia did get nominated for Best New Author back in 2011. He claims it was his experience as the target of abuse and a whisper campaign against him (solely on the grounds of his personal politics) that pushed him to create the Sad Puppies campaign (on the grounds that boring...