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    Paradox Says it Will Make a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Sequel "When the Time is Right"

    No, no... I was talking hypothetically, "I want them to work on it", not "They are working on it". CD Projekt Red did the Witcher and are working on Cyberpunk 2077. Battletech is being done by HBS and Paradox Interactive, so it will likely be based more around tactical gameplay than RPG...
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    Paradox Says it Will Make a Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Sequel "When the Time is Right"

    I really want CD Projekt Red to do a sequel for it, or I'd even settle for Bethesda (More likely because of the link to Obsidian). However, rumour has it that the VtM IP is being worked on by PI's Mobile team... So... Yeah... That could happen.
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    Nintendo's E3 Event Takes Place on June 13, Focuses on Super Mario Odyssey

    I hope we do get some meat about other titles being released this year. Shin Megami Tensei, Dragon Quest 11, Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces then maybe some other RPG's. More information about if the "Tales of" game is gunna be a port or a new game. Maybe more about Octopath Traveller or Pokemon...
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    Take a Closer Look at The New Splatoon 2, Bayonetta, Cloud and Link Amiibo

    I still watch a lot of people that used to be on this site though, Loading Ready Run <3, the Jimquisition, Naked Truth, Lisa Foiles and The Game Theorists. I guess what I'm getting at is would it really be that hard to find new content creators, like smaller gaming channels that could use a...
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    Take a Closer Look at The New Splatoon 2, Bayonetta, Cloud and Link Amiibo

    How hard is it to spend 5 seconds running a quick google search for something as opposed to just saying **** it lets just type that we don't know. Cloud's first Amiibo is the classic FF7 one, the second is his newer look introduced in FF Advent Children.
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    Psyonix Exploring the Possibility of Bringing Rocket League to Nintendo Switch

    What the hell, $200?!? I payed $175 (Including parts) for a repair guy to come to my home and fix a major problem I had, and he got here in 45 mins, I can scarcely get a freaking pizza that fast out here XD. Do yourself a favor and just learn the basics of how to clean your computer, FORGET...
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    Starbreeze Invests $8 Million into Psychonauts 2

    This is idiotic. The Psychonauts IP would have easily transferred across mobile platforms as a side scroller with most of the powers able to be tweaked for 3DS or IOS/Android compatibility. The character designs and overall style would transfer well to 2D and would be able to drum up interest...
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    Advertising Standards Rules Hello Games Did Not Mislead Consumers with No Man's Sky

    I get that they are only able to assess the ads on the Steam page. But that ruling is crazy, it basically says that they think because it's procedurally generated that it's impossible to prove that certain advertised elements wouldn't ever exist. It's not magic, half of the video they took down...
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    New Pokemon Sun and Moon Monsters Revealed

    Ugh... Having a specific evo locked to a specific game feels stupid. Does this lock the other Day/Night evo pokemon to those versions as well? Is there even a day/night cycle??? These Pokemon would be Sun only. Espeon Chansey Lucario Tyrantrum Roselia These Pokemon would be Moon...
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    Creepy Summer Lesson PSVR Game Gets New Trailer, Details

    <3<3<3 Maid outfit. Shhh, I know I'd be in so much trouble if I played this. Depending on how it turns out I still might end up playing it, so I could pretend that a cute high school girl would give me the time of day. Or even to have someone just smile at me during the day.
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    Steam is NOT Offering Special Exceptions For No Man's Sky Refunds

    Is it up to the consumer to check that current promotional materials for a game are based on the actual game they are buying? As others have said there are still trailers on the store page directly advertising features that do not exist. It's not the users that are in the wrong here. It is...
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    No Man's Sky PC Version Gets Last-Minute Delay

    Awww... I go on holidays. So no 36 hour cram session for me. Still, I would rather them do it right then rush it out. It is only a few days. They are only a small studio so getting a big release like this will probably be pretty tricky. Best of luck to them.
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    Niantic Working on a Fix For Pokemon Go Catch Issues

    Yeah, once a few things are handled badly you kinda lose that good will between yourself and that company. Take the Pokemon Legendary Giveaways this year, then dun messed up when Mew came out, only giving limited copies of codes to stores, so quite a few people missed out on what was meant to...
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    Niantic Has Removed All Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon GO Accounts for "Fairness"

    So... they accidentally gave Articuno to a few people, then took it back. That is a massive no-no. If the players didn't cheat, if it's Niantic's fault then they went in the wrong direction. A better option, admit that mistakes were made, allow the trainers to keep that pokemon, then...
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    New Overwatch Patch Gives Ana a Buff While Tweaking McCree Yet Again

    YES. I will be able to play Pharah in competitive again ^_^ Now to fix the ranking system! I'm ranked in the bottom 20% of all players but most games with Pharah, in the top 10% of all players for top damage and the top 15% for kills. Basically winning comes down to whoever had the least...