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    Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II - Flawed Force Fun

    were you able to get the expansion "Mysteries of the sith" at all? Even though it uses the same graphics engine they changed up the gameplay a lot.
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    I Origins Is Irreducibly Irritating

    You're assuming that the conditions that created life are currently reproducable in a lab. Earth was a radically different place when life was first formed, everything since then has been adaptation to a changing environment. There's also the question of sample size, it's also possible that...
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    Vin Diesel Seemingly Reveals His Marvel Studios Role

    To be honest, considering how much of an obnoxious douche Hank Pym is in the comics I'm not really concerned about who actually plays him. I only put up with Pym because he's one of the super-scientists so you sort of have to deal with him at some point if you want to add Wasp to the Marvel...
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    Escape to the Movies: The Phantom Menace 13 Years Later

    As a longtime fan of Star Wars I'm going to put this out there: Star Wars is bigger than George Lucas and the 6 main movies. The appeal of Star Wars isn't entirely in the story presented in the movies, it's in the detail of the universe where it becomes it's own genre. The Star Wars...
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    Zynga Responds to Plagiarism Accusations

    Translation: F*** you, we have money.
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Kaliyo has the same ability for the Agent. It's more useful for Operatives because she brings the ranged guys to you who'd you normally have to chase down. Since you have the stealth field generator, you have time to setup your combo in advance and your companion is right next to you. I run...
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    Zero Punctuation: Star Wars: The Old Republic

    I know Yahtzee doesn't read these forums but you can turn Corso's Grapple ability off by expanding the companion bar and right-clicking the ability so the green light is off.
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    Protip: If you're playing a Chiss Imperial Agent, give the skulls to Vector.
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    Buy Mass Effect Art Book, Get Free DLC

    The Collector Assault Rifle was pointless in ME2. Not many classes got to use Assault Rifles in ME2 and even if you picked up the Rifle training later most classes had better methods for taking down shields at range. I'm going to buy the Collector's Edition, but I'm not buying any DLC I have...
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    Rumor: Michael Bay in Talks to Make Two New Transformers Movies

    I want to see someone other than Michael Bay direct a transformers movie. Get someone with fresher eyes and someone less full of himself. Get a real writer who knows how to write about Transformers instead of writing around Transformers. I've been watching Transformers: Prime and while it...
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    Herman Cain's Tax Plan Brings SimCity to Real Life

    The top marginal income tax rate in the US is 35% but it only apply on incomes higher than $379,150. The amount of Federal Income Tax that would be paid by someone making $379,150 is $110,016.50 or about 29% of Gross Income. Now any income earned above that is taxed at 35%. So if you maded...
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    Crytek Invades Homefront Sequel, Ousting Kaos

    So that presupposes that North and South Korea reunited and South Korea just decided to let the North run everything... That makes even less sense, except if the South Koreans had a secret, simmering hatred of the US. Having Europe invade an occupied America does sound like an interesting...
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    Crytek Invades Homefront Sequel, Ousting Kaos

    The logic behind it is if you're defending your own territory that automatically makes you the good guys. It's kind of the same notion behind a Zombie Apocalypse, it gives people carte blanche to act like murderous thugs without any guilt because the rules of society have gone out the window...
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    Christina Hendricks Wants to Be Wonder Woman

    Any actress seriously wanting to play Wonder Woman really needs to up their Gym routine. I like Christina Hendricks, she's smoking hot. However, Wonder Woman is supposed to be an Amazon which means she needs a lot more muscle tone. I watched some of the leaks from the last Pilot they did, I...
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    Critical Miss: Space Marine

    The problem with the XCOM game is that it's being called XCOM. The Marketing guys wanted a built-in fanbase, but they miscalculated how the fanbase would react. As for the grey-brown phenomenon, I think we're approaching a point were we want something less depressing out of our games...