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    Doctor Who Chrimbo Special

    I thought that it was ok. The preview for the season pretty much showed what you would suspect with a new companion. I just hope we skip the "What's this and what's that?" phase rather quickly.
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    Batman: Return to Arkham Delayed Indefinitely

    Based on the Arkham Knight PC controversy, it would make a bit of sense if they just wanted to make sure is fine. Although, it's just a theory.
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    Konami's Pachinko Hate: Why?

    The Pachinko machines themselves are doing nothing wrong. It's just that after all the cancellations and controversies, all we have left is...this.
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    Facial hair: yes or no?

    I have a beard since the end of 2014. I feel more confident ever since I had it. I can't grow it very long since it grows a bit awkwardly, but it still feels good.
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    Fire Emblem Fates Review - Big Shoes To Fill

    I bought birthright last Friday. I can honestly say that I have some fun, but find a few things a bit annoying. Sure, it's like Awakening and it's fun. You can basically grind and break the game easily, but I wished it had more mission variation like Conquest has. Also, I recommend switching to...
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    Final Fantasy 9, what do you name your characters?

    I mostly kept the same names. The only one that I remember is that Dagger was named Dahlia.
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    Fire Emblem Fates - What is the point of Birthright and Conquest?

    It's like Pokemon...but with swords. But seriously, I'm probably going to buy a version and play it anyway. Maybe exchange it with a friend for the other version.
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    What Single Scene Killed an Otherwise Great Movie?

    Zack Snyder's slow motion sex scenes are always awkward. The one in Watchmen with "hallelujah" was the worst.
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    Capcom Explain's Ken's Bizarre New Street Fighter V Look

    Well, if you think from going to 90s representation of american fighters to guys who surfs and plays volleyball is not weird.....then I think that you're very bizarre.
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    Wonder Woman Emerges From Retirement In Batman v Superman

    Damn Snyder! You know what I like about the teaser of this film? Because it told us enough to be excited. Now, the marketing is revealing every plot point. Even if it's a good movie, we won't be surprised.
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    Why are most AAA stories so... awful?

    Sometimes, the story is more of an afterthought. My beef is when things are rushed. It was mostly my main beef with Assassin Creed 3. If the story was polished, that game would probably be the best in the franchise. Except, things were rushed and they ruined a good story on paper.
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    Super Smash Bros 5

    I'm pretty sure that they will just shorten it a little and call it: Super Smash Bros Clash. But, it's better title than what we currently have.
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    Why is middle school such an under-used setting?

    Wasn't Assassination Classroom an anime in middle school? Anyway, I work with middle school students. Instead of having 1 or 2 students who do random shit, you have 13. Do you really want that?
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    Telltale's Game of Throne episode 6 discussion with Spoilers.

    Glad I didn't bother playing the game after the first 3 chapters. This is the problem of using a running series during its events that are very connected. They have incredible small freedom of writing.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Offers First Glimpse of New Combat

    OT: Well, it's FF7, but with more flash.