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    I don't understand tipping culture...

    I don't tip, and I never will tip. You want to get paid more? Take it up with your employer and/or the government. I'm already giving the money that contributes to paying your wage anyway, I shouldn't have to lump even more on there just because you did your job.
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    Poll: Game features you don't care for

    Multiplayer. It's good sometimes, but in games where the singleplayer is good, it's a useless add-on.
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    Petition to Free Jailed League of Legends Player Reaches 100,000 Sigs

    Freedom of speech doesn't change with recent events. A joke is a joke (however distasteful) regardless of what's in the news. Nobody should be punished in the legal sense for a joke.
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    Reasoning for banning books

    Censorship, regardless of how nonsensical, is always terrible. Freedom of speech/print should be something everybody strives toward.
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    JonTron takes a hiatus from GameGrumps

    I feel the same way. It was the best thing ever when it first started, but it just started to wear on me. Eventually, it was more tedious than entertaining.
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    On Rape Jokes and Sensitivity

    A joke is a joke. The joke-teller has as much of a right to tell said offensive joke as sensitive people have the right to be offended by it.
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    So...eSults is (trying to be) a thing...

    He un-cancelled it, but the new format and humour are really terrible. It's all really forced skits that run on waaay too long. The last few AVGN videos also weren't that great, but I'm hoping that's just due to him being rusty after all that time spent making the movie. Spoony is still awesome...
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    Poll: Cel-Shading is ugly

    Usually I don't like it. I prefer a certain degree of detail (not too much) in textures, and cell shading muddies that detail. I love it sometimes, when used right. Wind Waker looked great. However, I hate how it looks in Borderlands; it's probably one of the uglier games I've ever played. Also...
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    Paid YouTube subscriptions are here

    So long as the main site is free, I'm fine with it. Besides, there's always piracy.
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    EA Halts Gun Brand Licensing

    I have to say, I hate the shit out of EA, that said: Good on them. The media a work exists in shouldn't give it different licensing. Using something that exists outside of other fictional works, brand name or not, shouldn't be something you have to pay for. If it's real, they should be able...
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    Poll: Pick ONE Show to Return to

    I would love more Daily Drop, but Doralias is long overdue for a new episode. Apocalypse Lane was good too, but that's concluded. I would also enjoy Unforgotton Realms, but that's still in production, just elsewhere (although, new episodes have been very few and far between).
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    Poll: A Rant About Emulation!

    I definitely think it's okay. I think the game developers would be happy that their games are accessable to so many new people. I know that I wouldn't be able to play most of the older games that I play were emulation not available to me.
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    Minor, insignificant thing that ruined a game for you.

    That bothers me in a lot of Blizzard strategy games. Warcraft III in particular. I remember when I was younger I was drawn to Age of Empires 2 purely for the fact that it looks so much more to-scale and realistic.
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    Minor, insignificant thing that ruined a game for you.

    Games for Windows Live in GTA 4. I dislike DRM and the like, but I wasn't really bothered by G.F.W.L. That was until I had my account hacked, and I was unable to get it back. I lost my progress all the way up until just before the end of the game. I often consider replaying it, but the beginning...
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    girl thinks boston bomber suspect 2 is cute and makes twisted video on youtube about it

    So what? Doing something horrible doesn't mean that people are forbidden from thinking anything even slightly positive about said perpetrator.