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    The Big Picture: Out of the Park

    Need an opinion here! Need an opinion here! Need an opinion here! Need an-*shot* This was a great episode, and now I'm sad because everyone's going to start talking about The Simpsons instead.
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    Pokémon Invade 19th-Century Wilderness

    Eh, not really, and not after seeing the rest of the pictures. I realy like that all five generations get some representation here.
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    Goodbye is Still Goodbye

    It was a good five years, Russ, and I hope you find success in whatever you decide to do next.
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    Otakon 2011 Cosplay Gallery

    Hey, cool, it's another Touhou fan on The Escapist.
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    The Big Picture: Americana

    I don't recall King Kong ever flying around while wearing a hat.
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    Unskippable: Homefront

    Wait, do you mean the Unskippable guys or the Koreans?
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    Unskippable: Homefront

    Well, I've never played LotG, but everything looked as if owls were running the place, so it's fine.
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    Updated: Gabe Newell's Lack of Poker Skills Lost Him Gearbox Name

    I tried making a joke on the ZP:Pokemon thread. I even went as far as saying Pkmn Black was an action-adventure game with better writting than Mass Effect. I got so many angry responses from that...
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    Portal Turret Egg Cup Gives Breakfast a Scientific Flavor

    It it was Table colored you wouldn't be able to find it once you set it down. You get 63% more protein per protein. Just try getting near that breakfast. It's your funeral.
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    Show About Games Show: Shorts & Shorts

    That first stand-up routine was unbearable. Say Mr. Marsten needs to be on here more often. I would totallly watch five minutes of just that.
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    New Nintendo Console "Confirmed" for E3

    Which took the ideas from PDAs. Not to mention that the DS has two screens and plenty of games that actually use both screens. The whole thing with the controllers is kinda moot, too, since the PS controller is based on the SNES controller anyways.
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    New Nintendo Console "Confirmed" for E3

    Nah, I'm thinking of this generation and their attempts to use motion controls after seeing people get hyped about it. And what is the and what does it have to do with the DS? I've been trying to find out what you're talking about, but nothing even resembling the DS has come up.
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    New Nintendo Console "Confirmed" for E3

    No, you're thinking of what Sony does.. No, they'll go back to old-school names and call it the Perfect Nintendo Entertainment System, or PNES, for short.
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    Show About Games Show: Weapons and Tea Bags

    But before that can start, you need to smuggle some plants out of China.
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    Name Game: Length Over Strength

    I haven't played Halo: Flexability yet. Is it any good. I believe you dropped your sunglasses.