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    In Regards to Wild West

    "Wild West had some good fun, but a certain group of users used it to be dicks.... Burn and salt! The purge must be thorough." "R&P has some good points and discussion, but a certain group of users use it to be dicks.... We must maintain this bastion of purity" I'm just saying...
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    America: Le Buk

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    Poll: Attacks as minigames in your turn-based JRPGs

    I personally like the Lisa way of doing it. When you attack, you can press buttons to make a combo. If you enter in certain combos, it'll activate one of your skills. You can use the skills normally from the menu, but doing a combo into the skill is basically combining your regular attack and...
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    Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling videogame console in US History

    I suppose we can ignore the fact that the 360 had a failure rate of over 50%, or in other terms, over 5 times more than the PS3 (Around 10.6%), which still failed more than the Wii which had a failure rate of around 6.8%. Source...
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    Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling videogame console in US History

    Calling it a bigger hassle is a bit of an understatement in my opinion. For one thing, if you actually try to push performance and graphical power out of a gaming laptop, you will find that your battery dies way too fast, so either you nerf you settings, or stay tethered to a wall. Secondly...
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    Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling videogame console in US History

    My guess for what 2018 will hold for the switch, (some confirmed, others are speculation.) In regards to Nintendo's line up, not particularly third party, are as follows Confirmed: Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Kirby, and Bayonetta 1&2 Speculation: Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Bayonetta 3 (Might be...
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    Nintendo Switch becomes the fastest selling videogame console in US History

    To be fair, neither Pokemon nor Animal Crossing has actually been announced (Yes I know they said they are working on a new Pokemon for the switch.) As of right now, we have no official confirmation of either coming in 2018. Having said that, I do believe it is likely we will see Animal...
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    5 cops shot 1 killed, 2 civilians shot

    I agree completely that police should be held accountable. I think they should be held to a higher standard. They made the choice to wear the badge, and they should accept the responsibility that comes with it. However, having said that, this case is a tragedy, but from the information I have...
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    Man killed by police after angry CoD gamer SWATs player for lost $1.50 wager match Not even a month old, White Cop, 20 years, for killing an unarmed black man. Was literally the first result I found on google for "Cop sentenced for shooting"
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    Early screening of Justice League deem it 'unwatchable'

    I enjoy a dark tone, when it is appropriate for the story, same goes for lighter tones, but I have to disagree with you on something. Just because something isn't dark, doesn't mean it is automatically for children, nor does a darker tone automatically make something adult or mature. Art...
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    New City Tips

    Depending on your particular interests, going to the Gym to work out can be a good place to meet people, or joining a local sports team. Another thing if sports and exercise isn't your thing, Tabletop or CCG's are a good way to make new friends. Find a local game shop and show up to Friday Night...
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    Need Help, capture card trouble

    I'll check all of that tomorrow when I have the card in front of me. Thanks for the advice.
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    Need Help, capture card trouble

    So a little context, a buddy and I recently got into the Youtube and Twitch game. Getting footage from PC games hasn't been an issue, but we recently bought a Hauppauge HD PVR2 GE Capture Card. We planned to use it to capture Breath of the Wild footage from our Nintendo Switch. The problem is...
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    Overwatch Promotes Bad Game Design

    You're talking to a guy going to school for accounting and finance here. That is what pricing of a game is. No one in the industry, at the very least on the triple A side of things, prices a game based on content. I will say I agree with you on the notion that you should only pay a price that...
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    Overwatch Promotes Bad Game Design

    Not that my other points have even been addressed, but I'm gonna comment on this as well. Price point doesn't matter. There are free games with more content than most full priced triple A games. There is only 1 thing that dictates the price of a game. That one thing is what people are willing to...