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    Trailers: Kinect Star Wars - Depth Trailer

    Intentional or not this game appears to be satirical. It is as if someone with intimate knowledge of what is in the star wars universe used this information to parody someone making a serious game about star wars. The above comments pretty much hit it on the head. I never want to dance as the...
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    Colleges and Employers Now Requiring Applicants' Facebook Passwords

    Unfortunately, the US is still in such economic duress that jobs are scarce and many people will put up w this shit just for the money. Once/if the job market returns to pre-crash levels or recovers significantly, most businesses will do whatever they want. Today's businesses: You don't...
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    Mechwarrior Tactics Prepares to Drop

    "@MWTactics MechWarrior Tactics @spynavy mwtactics will not be a FB game, no worries! 46 minutes ago" Pulled from their twitter.
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    Behold the Skyrim Bacon Helmet!

    I admire the skills and the product, but does anyone else see the striking resemblance to the gatekeeper in the last couple pics?
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    Batman Arkham City Review

    why...why...why do i have to watch an ad for a game im trying to watch a review for?...oh well. OT: nice review, not surprised it was fun. i am a touch disappointed that the catwoman DLC is an important part of the story. oh, well this wont change their idea to include such DLC.
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    Trailers: Diablo III: Follower System

    Definitely loled at the overly dramatic music at beginning and especially the end. OT: They look like they would help all the socially phobic get through the game (need dps? POOF scoundrel; need beef? SHAZAM Templar). I'm guessing they only appear powerful in the trailer, because that's why...
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    Kinect Takes the Hassle Out of Trying On Trousers

    I would definitely go shopping much more often if drinking was involved. "A porter with your jeans sir?" OT: I suppose after several generations of updates it could properly map and lay clothes on you correctly. This tech seems little beyond the charcoal on wall level when "we" want Pixar.
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    Escape to the Movies: MovieBob: Oscars 2011

    I guess with the system in place "as is", the new, hip, happenin stuff will never get proper recognition by the older establishment (i.e. Oscar). It would be nonsensical (from the older gen POV) to elect the newest generation of actor/writer/director to be a part of the committee (and god forbid...
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    Man May Face 10 Years in Prison for Modding an Xbox

    To those above who blindly follow laws the same way some follow god ("They Am"), please remember 4th grade Social Studies. If having trouble recalling one's long lost youth see below: The three systems of the government were created in such a fashion that they can check and balance one...
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    Remote Kontrol Mario Kart

    I like the track, but the cars seem like pieces of crap. It would appear you have to be within a foot for the remote controls to work, making them not so remote.
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    GameStop Offers First-Ever Preorder Bonus for DLC

    so now on a relatively large scale (not like pre-order goodies and the implementation thereof can be throw together in an afternoon...yes?) publishers are working with gamestop? was it not just a month or so ago that they (publishers) were all bitching and calling consumers out for screwing them...
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    Don't Get Arrested With This Awesome Assassin's Creed Blade

    i dont post much (obv), but this thread confuses me. everyone who is posting here has in some fashion used this "internet" to do so, and yet many are afraid of this "internet" possible missuses (see: double concealed switch blade). yes knifes can hurt ppl, so can bombs, guns, paper clips...
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    Did you lurk before joining The Escapist?

    I have checked out vids and articles for about 2 years now. no real lurking, because the forums seemed so huge and the community so vast the effort involved to read the great volume of posts would be a bit much for my effort/reward meter (or erm). i actually started lurking after i signed...