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    d&d 3rd vs 4th for beginners

    4th is probably easier to learn for new players, as other have said. Its is also far more combat focused from my experience compared to 3/3.5, if that is also a relevant factor. As for the online part, that also favors and disfavors 4th as I see it. The character generator is a great tool for...
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    View From the Road: It's Time to Grow Up

    I agree with this article very much. I saw way too many people being paranoid about being googled on the WoW forums, and I know far too many people that just cover up their gaming habits. I also come from a family that is a bit confused on my gaming habits, thinking I should have dropped...
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    Download the StarCraft II Client Right This Instant

    I don't see this as too big of a change from Blizzard. I just always figured that they had that wait to be released policy for WoW, and that it wouldn't apply to all their games. I still didn't expect this long to preload. Not that it matters. I would cancel and do so, but my Collector's...
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    Steam = OnLive

    The problem I have with OnLive is they want to put too much of their support in, and bypass most of the other companies(Game developers mostly) policies. There is almost no pick up and play with the companies policies, assuming the deleting accounts after 12 months policy isn't removed. As well...
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    Guild Wars 2 Axes the trinity

    This really hurt my opinion of the game, and kind of brings me to a point where I'm not even interested anymore. I've always been a big support player in MMOs, and losing the ability to focus on that doesn't leave anything interesting in my eyes. Anything in this case is either going to be...
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    Question of the Day, May 23, 2010

    Responded no myself, but only because of this movie. 1 and 2 were pretty good. I cannot even stand watching 3, and I have no intention at all of watching the fourth.
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    Poll: Blind, Deaf, or Dead?

    Blind for me. I just like listening to things far too much. I'd miss my gaming and such. but I'd still be able to listen to people, since I love those good old fashioned conversations. And in terms of cures, it hardly matters. Deafness is close, but blindness is also a near future fix for us...
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    Piracy Figures: 90%? Really?

    Well, for anyone that ever played Starcraft on the N64... But really, thses things are always blown out of proportion. its really just becoming a scare tactic aimed at PC gamers at this point, as people still continue to release games DRM free and make money, and to release games with...
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    Obama's Health Care: Influenced By Socialist Pokemon?

    This has to be the most ridiculous thing ever. How dare all these people want to endanger my Metapod!
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    StarCraft II Has a Release Date At Last: July 27th

    About time this finally got announced. I really want to see my CE. Now to stop sucking in the copper league while I wait for the campaign. I suppose I deserve it for only playing versus AIs back in Starcraft 1 and thinking I didn't suck...
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    PC guy wondering about Macs

    This was my exact thought. I have a friend going into film, and this is the main reason they bought a mac. Not to mention the screen is really nice as others have said. Having a macbook myself, they are very nice, although a bit costly. In my opinion, for the laptop end, this would be my...
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    Aliens - Why we won't find them...

    I find your last argument to be the most intriguing, and very much the main limiting factor. In theory at least, we can find a finite size the universe at any given moment, in terms of the speed in which the particles move apart. There is a limit at a moment, that just keeps changing and getting...
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    Poll: Strangest Childhood Hero

    Bill Nye for me. Got me into science back then, and I haven't turned back. Mostly. Not to mention the music videos. Best part ever.
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    Poll: Is it just me, or were cartoons better when I was a kid?

    Personally, I think earlier. But I don't necessarily believe its a quality thing, as opposed to just the cartoon ideas taking a 180 in more recent years. Its just different ideas and different humor from what we used to watch, and it doesn't necessarily click in the same way old cartoons did.
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    Do you respect your country's flag?

    I don't care much for the flag. To me, its a piece of cloth with some symbolism, nothing more. I can understand restrictions of behavior with certain US flags, but I could care less about a random US flag. I'd be fine seeing one burned in protest, or used as a picnic blanket if it was needed.