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    No Escape - Intense Racism

    People seem to be focusing a lot on the "racist" aspect of the review, like that's all he said about it. He said it was a very competently put together, very tense thriller, there's just a lot about it that's kinda gross. And, honestly, that's the vibe I got from the trailers. Like, just...
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    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2: What Went Right?

    I'll say what I've been saying regarding the show, purposefully being shitty for the majority of the first season, until it was time to pull the trigger on the Cap 2 connection was a bold move. Not one I'd personally choose for my TV show, but eh... From what I've seen in season 2, another...
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    Kids react to Gameboy, people get butthurt

    Are you sure people aren't just angry because it's a video featuring children, creatures that just seemingly provoke an enraged reaction in sane, normal people?
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    Star Wars: Warlords of the Sith (Closed/Started)

    I'm on board for this! [/spoiler]
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    Gotham Showrunner on Batman: He's Not "A Fun Character"

    Well I'd argue that they shouldn't show much of Bruce Wayne at all, since this show was supposed to be "not a Batman show." I mean, it makes sense that Bruce Wayne would be a fucked up kid, so I'm actually interested to see that, I just hope that this announcement doesn't mean we'll be seeing...
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    Excluding Women From E-Sports Does Not Legitimize It

    They wanted to make it more "legitimate," presumably because the MLB was tired of being known as the sport with the fattest players. Honestly several aspects of the pro gamer world have always irked me, or maybe it's just the mindset that it seems to foster, which is of the uber competitive...
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    The Sims 4 Won't Have Pools, Toddlers

    That's a lot of words for "We're deliberately holding it for future DLC."
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    Double Standards You Allow

    Oh yeah, speeding. Can't believe I forgot that one. When I do it, I just want to get some place quickly and it's perfectly understandable, but when someone else does it, they're clearly an asshole that think's they're so important and can't be bothered to slow down.
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    Double Standards You Allow

    Reading about the interview with Gary Oldman where, without really going into much detail on that topic or whether or not I agree with him, since that's a different topic altogether, basically he shoots himself in the foot during the interview while discussing "Political Correctness" in...
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    tell us something you like about yourself

    I think I'm fairly attractive. I mean, at least in terms of my face. My facial features are fairly well balanced and I've been told I've got nice hair and eyes. Some people even say I'm "pretty." It's a bit petty, and I sure as shit didn't think that way back when I was in high school, but...
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    The Night Beckons

    Bump. Because I want to see this succeed, dammit!!
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    I propose we work to end the hatred of the Fedora

    I support your crusade, though I believe it to be foolish. The fedora has simply become too tainted in our modern society, and people too unwilling to accept it back in at the moment. Maybe 50 years from now we can revisit the issue, but for the moment... it's just too unrealistic.
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    WAS Magneto right?

    I'd have to say no. Magneto is viewed as a villain for a reason. And I'd say "no" in relation to both the X-Men universe and our own. Ultimately, I think Xavier is right. To beat the people who oppress you, who vilify you, you have to stand tall and prove yourself to be the better man. You...
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    Superman/Batman Title Revealed, And It's Hilarious

    Can't wait for the darker sequel, "TWILIGHT OF INJUSTICE." Or if they're going with the Legion of Doom, "DUSK OF DOOM." Ooh. Now I sincerely hope it's "DUSK OF DOOM!"
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    Goyer's Martian Manhunter Comments Are Why DC Can't Have Nice Things

    He wrote the story for all 3 Dark Knight films. Which is apparently more than enough cred for DC to just say "Here, take all our characters and make them print money like Batman did, 'cause we don't know how." That, of course, seems to completely ignore the fact that the Dark Knight trilogy...