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    If EA loses Star Wars games license, then who should have it?

    Yeah, I'd like another Factor 5 Rogue Squadron game for sure. Maybe a Black Squadron game that follows Poe in the events leading up to The Force Awakens. And (even though I'm Team Jedi, not Team Sith) I'd like Rocksteady to make a Arkham Asylum style sith adventure. If they get directed to a...
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    Bill Cosby found Guilty With this verdict, I think we all could use a movie like Would You be My Neighbor? now more than ever.
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    Word for the spouse of a cousin

    Cousin by marriage. In actual conversation I would probably say cousin's husband or cousin's wife though. For instance I might say: "my cousin's husband took a dump on my other cousin's wife's cousin's son-in-law once removed daughter's sofa." But really. No one you're talking to...
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    What Spiderman/Batman villian do you think can carry a film

    @ OP - Carry a film: does this mean a solo villain film or as the main baddie in a Spider-Man/Batman film? They'd be slightly different answers. Solo: Spider-Man: Mysterio basically already visually had a solo film by Christopher Nolan called Inception, so slight tweaks, he could basically...
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    Chronicling my way through Mass Effect 3

    Well, you got your wish. It's called Mass Effect: Andromeda and there's NO cover button. There's an "automatic" cover system that doesn't work instead. I'm glad I chose to be a Renegade Infiltrator in ME1-3. Kind of sucked, because there's not really sniping sections, but in the days before...
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    Chronicling my way through Mass Effect 3

    I really didn't have a problem with the ending like most people did. If anything, I think I would have preferred it be mostly scripted instead of giving you a choice in the last few minutes. -Spoilers- I think the synthesis ending is rape-y as all hell. Also, it's a big cop-out. No...
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    Seeing how NPCs looked like in the past makes me appreciate the upgrades we see today

    This is something I was thinking about like two-ish years ago when I finally decided to finish Metal Gear Solid 4 before I would let myself buy MGSV. I think the first game I bought for my PS3 was MGS4 and I remember thinking how detailed the characters were and when I went back to finish...
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    Should I buy NieR Automata?

    I'm going to be flamed for saying this, like all PlatinumGames, you should set the difficulty to easy your first time through and enjoy the weird, convoluted story. (In general, I think PlatinumGames easy playthrough should be your tutorial for a normal or difficult run because their games are...
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    Hating a game because it's popular vs hating because it's actually bad?

    I mean COD doesn't get half the hate nowadays that Nintendo and the Switch does just because it's popular. I do hate COD and I really love my Switch. But honestly, I think a lot of the hate for COD is hate for the pseudo-Bro community that plays COD. I do wish I could convince most...
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    Some Pre 2000 PC game recommendations

    Actually, pre-2001. Something happened in September 2001 that stymied the most of the development and market for flight sims. It was mostly a quiet self-censorship, but a lot of retail stores (because it was all retail back then) didn't want to stock any "terrorist simulators" after that. It's...
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    How Do You Prefer to Spend Your XP?

    Me too, I'm more likely to favor the glass cannon build. I don't like to artificially draw out a fight if I can just finish it in a few hits. @OP - I would like the second choice, but only if done well. Take a game like Deus Ex Human Revolution where some of the abilities were pointless...
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    Great games to play without spoilers

    Mostly for PC: - David Lynch Teaches Typing (Free) - Save the Date (Free) - Analogue: A Hate Story (I played it before it was on Steam, I don't remember if that version is free now, but it's on Steam as well, short visual novel) - To the Moon (it's on sale all the time, a few bucks RPG...
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    Poll: PEANUT BUTTER!!!

    Usually I prefer almond butter, even though it's more expensive. Yes, this! With regular PB: chunky or GTFO.
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    So Monster Hunter World

    Yeah, I really wanted to make the jump into Monster Hunter and try it out since it's combat reminds me a bit of Dark Souls. BUT, I really don't have friends to walk me through as a newb, and frankly, I feel that the 3DS would have been the way to learn how to play Monster Hunter because it's...
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    Best Versions of Final Fantasy 1-6?

    I would say SNES Classic for FF6 so you can get the good old couch experience. But really, I'd say emulate FF1-6 on a raspberry pi or off a laptop hooked up to a TV. When you're grinding, unplug the laptop and binge TV to take the grinding edge off. FF1 - Read a few guides or watch some...