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    Unskippable: Asura's Wrath, Part 3 - Exercising the Right to Bare Arms

    ofcourse he needs 8 generals division of labor 1 for being creepy/disturbing 1 for being old (damn respect for the elderly) 1 for being female (damn equality laws) 1 for scheming and yelling at people to fire the laser oh... and 4 to do the actual fighting
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    Let's Play Twilight Imperium 2: The Galaxy Burns

    considering they didn't show themselves setting up the table point 2 could fall under the rule 3's exemption still too many reds.. but with 4 rings.. of course there will be too many red tiles once again it's not entirely clear if they did violate rule 5 the 2nd ring seems to have a fair...
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    Unskippable: Farming Simulator 15 and More E3 2014 Trailers!

    designer 1: hmm guys maybe we should drop the farming bit and just make logging simulator.. i mean our trailer is already more about that anyway. rest of designers : don't be silly...
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    Zero Punctuation: E3 2014 - Deflate Your Hype Balloons

    reviewing a multiplayer focussed game that is also an mmo? i don't give it much chance to be honest
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    Unskippable: Time & Eternity, Part 2

    hmm considering your just level 1 at that point... those assassins.. were rookies.. and that means he was worse then rookie assassins... also good tip.. if he had a sword from the start.... BLOCK instead of getting hit and then hitting back
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    Feed Dump: Cow Farts for Fun and Profit

    here you go.. santa hat/elf hat... same thing
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    Feed Dump: Cow Farts for Fun and Profit

    actually... that hat reminds me.. of the crapshot of alex with the singing santa hat... the facial expressions where glorious
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    Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

    incase nobody mentioned it in 4 pages of thread ididn't read.. the purple one is apparantly sega's never released "neptune" console and yeah you should do more of it
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    Feed Dump: The Cray Scale

    you should've waited with the james kathleen combination for your 100th episode special
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    Feed Dump: Arbitrary Arbitrage

    couldn't have flown your tie fighter to tiewan?
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    Browser MMO Glitch to Close

    the only reason i heard of this game was because a friend basically sent me an invite.. it was quite a fun game for a bit shame it died
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    MLP - "The Crystal Empire" - Review.

    atleast she tried to do something
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    New York Museum Boasts 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Egyptian d20

    nah he just rolled really good on diplomacy and religion
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    Ys: The Oath in Felghana

    tales of symphonia also i managed to beat origin.. (on normal that is...) but yeah Ys games are rather unforgiving whether that's a good point or not.. depends on if you like getting your ass handed to you by a boss a bunch of times before you can beat him.
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    Unskippable: Atelier Meruru, Part Three

    you know.. atleast the non arland games had ... something happening like a war.. or e mercenary guild.. or homework..(and by homework.. i mean beating up monsters).. from what i've seen so far of the arland series.. is just weird...