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    Reliable Source: Boobs, Gabe Newell, and Boobs

    Trying to stop violence. yeah right... Coming at people with chainsaws is not violent?
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    What games stole the largest portion of your lifetime?

    Wasn't really a game, but a game mode in gmod, Gmod Tower, spent 30 hours on it xD
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    The most useless advice ever given to you.

    "Mind Your Head" Right after i've smacked my head.
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    Poll: If you were in a post apocalyptic city.....

    Killer, Alot of people have been killed already, nobody will notice if a few more go missing.
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    Poll: Your Cereal of Choice

    Frosted Shreddies. Haven't heard that one, (although i have been too lazy to check most of the posts.)
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    Review: Toribash

    Ah, I remember Toribash, my signature move was a bicycle kick, didn't work very often, infact i was pretty much a spazzed-out lump on the floor every match.