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    8 Cancelled Games We Still Want to Play

    I still have an old game informer that has like a ten page article and in-depth preview of starcraft:ghost. makes me sad, i really wanted to play it, it looked really good. *le sigh*
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    Ghost in the Shell Casting Shows We Need More Than White Feminism

    On the one hand I think Scarlett Johansen is amazingly attractive and talented and could totally pull off Mjr. Kusunagi. On the other hand, yes Motoko should be played by an Asian actress. And on yet a third un-grown hand (seriously [not really] two more generations and we'll have a third...
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    No Right Answer: Best/Worst Anime Ever

    It has to be something in between because the best anime is Cowboy Bebop and the worst anime is Devil May Cry. Dragonball Z to me is the same as Derek Jeter. (Warning I'm about to make a sports comparison) I hate the Yankees, I really hate the New York Yankees. Derek Jeter spent his entire...
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    Robot Games!

    I have a decent PC and a PS3. Anybody know any good Mech/Giant robot/Machine with alot of guns shooting games that might scratch that itch? I played macross and SLAI for awhile on PS2 but recently i've been looking for something new. And i'd rather not shell out $200+ for that one game and no...
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    Games you feel that only you played

    I picked up a game called Steel Lancer Arena International (S.L.A.I.). He had never opened it and had just got some other game for PS2 and admitted it was cheap at gamestop and he wasn't ever going to play it. He said i could have it and to this day i am the only person i know who has ever...
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    The Big Picture: Remembering the Real Jack Thompson

    Yes bob but the "Liberty Valance" effect is in full effect here. For those who don't know, the "Liberty Valance" Effect; "When the Legend becomes fact, print the legend." Start at 4:50
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    The Hidden Geek Street Cred Behind Skylanders

    My kids love the skylanders games. They own upwards of 30 of the miniatures, I had no real interest until i realized that it's a continuation of the Spyro The Dragon series, one of two (i assumed) forgotten relics of PS1 era naughtydog(the other being Crash Bandicoot). I had loved Spyro and...
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    The Big Picture: What the Duck?

    ugh... Howard the duck is not going to be done in the MCU. If he shows up again it'll be another snarky cameo, and i doubt there'll be another cameo. Guardians was another victory lap, mostly for it's own existence, but also for the MCU getting basically an unlimited budget to make all the...
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    No Right Answer: Greatest Console Blunder Ever

    Are we just gonna forget the dreamcast, arguably the best console ever that tripped over it's own two feet and let Nintendo take the stage?
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    Brick Mansions: Paul Walker Fights Back From The Grave

    surprisingly I've actually seen B13. It had a short run on Netflix and i managed to catch it. i remember liking it a lot and being sad when i found out it wasn't available for streaming anymore. If this really is a solid remake almost shot for shot i may see it.
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    The Big Picture: Destined for Disappointment, Part 2

    one day i'll figure out what people wanted from the prequels. until then just remember everyone outside of gen 1 fans thought they were good. just sayin'.
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    The Big Picture: Scarlet Unity - What Assassin's Creed and Batman Have in Common

    I see this getting a lot of insufficient content warnings because watching this compelled me to say; huh, interesting... But i can't think of anything else to add to that.
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    Divergent? More Like "Why-Vergent"

    Okay i'm going to kinda side against you on this one bob. My wife dragged me to this movie after seeing the trailer and reading 2 1\2 of the book trilogy. For the first i'm going to say 30 minutes, i was bored out of my skull, it's bland, cheap, cliche and boring. I don't know if just my...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    Fun Fact: I don't generally have adblock. If the Ads support the site i like then i will gladly scroll past them in so the website can get it's due (i know it doesn't actually work like that but it's the thought that counts). However while watching this video my web browser crash 3(!) times...
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    No Right Answer: Worst Reality Show Ever

    The thing about Pawn Stars is now every joe jackass thinks he can own and run a pawn shop and then tries to be like the guy on the shows. I got in a guy's face at a pawn shop because he was a) a douchebag and b) very clearly trying to be the guy on Pawn Stars, i let this guy know he wasn't...