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    Games you love... but sometimes hate

    Hah, here's a another "this." Fighting games are just so stressful. Still, these games are also so satisfying. When your reads are downright prophetic, your spacing is precise to the pixel, your execution feels frame-perfect, and your gameplay just flows, you feel amazing. There are few...
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    Good games for the IOs?

    Rhythm Control 2 is definitely on of my favourite iOS games. It's a free rhythm game that's actually pretty generous with how many songs it comes with. Its gameplay is simple, but can be quite intense. Love it. Oh, and if you haven't played Ghost Trick, give it a look. Game looks beautiful...
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    Steam Sale!

    If you're looking for an engaging story, you might be interested in Analogue: A Hate Story. It takes place deep into the future, where space travel and colony ships exist. The story is centred around the mystery of an abandoned colony ship called the Mugunghwa. The protagonist, with the aid of...
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    What if chess...

    That's some cool technology, but I don't know how I feel about the game. It hardly resembles Chess. Instead of being some weird Chess variant I wish this game were its own game. I'd give this game an entirely different name and try to design pieces specifically for real-time gameplay. Chess just...
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    STeam Autumn sale

    It's time. YEAAAAAAAAH I'm probably going to pick up Hate Plus today. I'll definitely get Long Live the Princess when it gets a little cheaper. If I didn't already have The King of Fighters XIII I would have totally bought it today.
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    The Atlus announcement on sunday

    I think they're going to announce Persona 5. I really hope I'm right; I can't wait to see what it'll look like.
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    Give me some VNs.

    True Remembrance is a good starter VN. It's short and sweet, and it's got a lovely soundtrack. Keep in mind that there are no choices to be made in that game, though. I'd say Saya no Uta is another good VN to start with, but man, this game demands that you have a strong stomach. Like True...
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    Gaming Cross-Overs You'd Like To See.

    I would love to see a Type-Moon vs Nitroplus fighting game developed by French Bread. Whether it's got "anime"-style game play (like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue or Melty Blood), or more traditional ground-based gameplay (like Street Fighter) doesn't matter much to me; I like both styles. I'm sad...
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    Gaming Soundtracks

    A music thread? Awesome. I'll post some of my recent favourites. "KDD-0063" - The King of Fighters XIII "Negai" - Muv-Luv series "Song of the Ancients (Popola ver.)" - Nier
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    Poll: What primarily influences you to buy a NEW console?

    Games, games, games. A console's got to have some interesting exclusive titles to pull me away from my PC and other gaming consoles.
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    Do you prefer 2d fighting games or 3d fighting games.

    Even in SF4, a 2D fighter with very limited defensive options, has plenty of moves that give the attacker frame advantage. Just because you have more defensive options does not necessarily mean you will have more frame advantage on your moves. And anyway, because you have many options in 3D...
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    Do you prefer 2d fighting games or 3d fighting games.

    2D offence and defense are not as simple as you guys make it sound. If the attacker catches an blocking opponent, he/she can go for high/low mixups, tick-throws, frametraps or pressure resets (such as, but not limited to, dash-ins, instant air-dashes, and...
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    Do you prefer 2d fighting games or 3d fighting games.

    ^ The funny thing is ST invented the "Super" mechanic! Well, maybe not invented, but ST popularized it. That aside, I agree that ST is brilliant. Like Virtua Fighter, I feel SF2 is one of the best fighting game examples for easy to learn, difficult to master. Anyway, I like 3D fighters...
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    Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks

    Whew, not needing to rank entrants definitely makes lists easier to make. Anyway, here's what I've got. There's a song in each spoiler.
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    Your Pick: Top Ten Video Games

    This is going to be tough; I never feel 100% confident in my rankings. The games stay the same for the most part, but the placings change often. These games are pretty much on the same level of greatness. But right here, right now, my top 10 list looks like this: Muv-Luv Alternative Melty...