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    Hearthstone (Sort of) Gets a Co-Op Mode

    yeah and you need to prep for cho. I tossed back and forth a holy light and a kings in the game we finally won
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    Opinion: DOOM is Exactly as Violent and Bloody as It Should Be

    To be hones, my first thought when I saw the trailer was also, "for a brand new game, these close up shots dont' look amazing" Far from shit, and they where close ups. But for what we are used in trailers it was a little underwhelming. As for the violence complaints. The article says it all...
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    5 Things To Do If You Use Cutscenes in Your Video Game

    anytime there is a discussion about cutscenes I mark it off against warcraft 3's cutscenes. And to a lesser degree WoW. They might be breaking some of these laws but damn they were amazing. I'm not entirely sure if they strictly break any of these rules but the way they made the somewhat crude...
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    Hearthstone's Blackrock Mountain Adventure Launches Next Week

    but he is easier to get for cheap bastards like me so he might find his way into some of my big guy decks because ysera isn't on top of my "legendary creation" list
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    Knights of Pen & Paper Goes 16-Bit in New Sequel

    is that a tarrasque? aahhh memories.
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    I saw my best friend naked

    as stated above maybe this is different for women but as a guy that showers with his sports team on a weekly basis this kind of thing is no big deal at all to me. As long as you don't catch your friends or roommates boning or something I think the deal is only as big as you make it.
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    Poll: Can pornography exist in a sexism free society?

    aside from stuff that is, you know, illegal, like human trafficing and slave labor. Ofcourse it shouldn't. Because aside from those cases all you are doing is 1. Making men, on the whole, more sexually frustrated and 2. Limit women in the ways they can choose to make money. Both clearly bad and...
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    Poll: What browser do you use?

    chrome, firefox has crashed on several occasions with youtube for me, some years ago, have switched since.
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    Thousands of Hearthstone Players Banned For Using Bots

    beep boop, robot shaman out of commision.
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    The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2014: Bloodfreak

    If I dreamed that, I would seriously consider checking myself in somewhere.
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    Poll: Do you believe the Friend Zone exists?

    I do believe that the one you love doesn't always love you even if they don't directly hate you, so if you want to consider that a zone then yes. But over the years I have been convinced that this supposed man trap doesn't exist.
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    The Next Hearthstone Expansion Will Add Over 100 New Cards

    What I wonder is if, and if so how much, gold I'm going to have to save up to get a piece of this sweet future pie
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    Misogyny or Sexual Persecution? [Update!]

    Yet this is not about what you should be able to do, but what best gets the message to the right people. You should never be afraid to take the high road and make those disclaimers. And as for your sentence, yes, part of me feels like that is at least partially adressed to me, and that is...
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    Misogyny or Sexual Persecution? [Update!]

    persecution, yes. Even if it isn't what people mean the discussion is usually dragged into a hostile field. Where groups are lumped together and accused of some crime or insesitivity even if only part of the group are at fault. If those people would be more clear about that distinction (for...
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    Have you ever felt bad for winning in a competitive game?

    I beat this kid in arena in hearthstone the other day. The way he was playing he clearly just picked up the game because none of his plays made any sense. Felt a little sorry for him and hope I didn't ruin the game for him. But I wasn't exactly going to give him a game he himself was giving away.