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    Stupid sexist advert

    Arguably true, but I think the context as an ad justifies it. Ads rely on entertainment value and in a completely egalitarian society there is no allowance for gender based jokes, which is a large segment of comedy, so ads have to fall back on supposed gender roles to be entertaining and gain...
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    Stupid sexist advert

    To an extent you are right, but it's more about the embarrassment of a man rather than a negative depiction of a woman as having to "be in her place", since two accepted cultural norms are that men should avoid being passengers as we are meant to be the leader in any given situation as well as...
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    Review: Metro 2033

    Decent review. You covered a lot of the points that as a whole took away from the game, but the thing that I noticed is that this game is weird in that it looks different to different people, not in a "I dislike X type game but like A" but in a "I see a square while someone else sees a circle"...
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    Dying wish

    First of all, If It's real...then so what? Fifteen year olds think sex is very important (by a teens definition of important) and he wanted to get some before death. Probably fake though, it takes a lot of years to develop that "Oh well let's get back to thinking about sex" mentality. And it...
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    Good name for a gaming online radio station?

    Galaxy News Radio, Headshot radio...and thats all I can think of. You can go obvious (gaming radio, Videogame radio) or you can go for the weird, off the track name that something like a third of your listeners will get, and the others will have to google to get in the know for, but once they...
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    The Eisenhorn Trilogy

    Daniel Craig, really? I would have gone for that old dude from Lord of The Rings: Return of The King, beefed up maybe but he could work it. You need an actor who looks 50+ but at the same time could beat you to death with his chin. It's been a while since I read the series (I bought the omnibus...
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    Your G.O.A.T. results

    Vault Chaplain. I always got the image of a WH40K chaplain, full black armor, face mask, chaplain pole thing etc, kicking around the vault screaming "ALL PRAISE BE TO HIM" then pointing at the overseer drinking a cup of coffee on the other side of the room. Always good for a smile in my opinion.
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    What was the last game that truly blew you away?

    The last was Fallout 3, i played it and was just blown away. A few other games have done it, mainly rpg's as I just got so into them, and the scenery or story was just so awesome for me. For instance, the first time I saw it I spent half an hour in Knothole Glade enjoying the scenery. Damn games...
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    Poll: Games I plan to sell

    Well... you do have two kidneys...just saying... (unless you don't then sorry) And since I haven't heard of most of those games, and haven't played any of them I am not the best judge, but I'd say just wait or borrow it off of a friend. It's good, but theres no point in trading games unless...
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    Rumor: Michael Jackson Stars In Upcoming Mystery Game

    I wonder if it'll be like a puzzle game, like "Pick the lock" or "evade the creepy pervert". Obvious as that "he's creepy, and has been so for a long damn time" reference may be, there is still the confusion of why anyone would enjoy a Michael Jackson game. Even hard-core fans wouldn't buy a...
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    Your own personal hell.

    Stuck in a room with a headache running around my head, with my eyes being unable to focus and having a blurred weird feeling, the same 4 second part of a song playing over and over while I can't feel my body.
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    The Male Pill

    ...What's wrong with condoms? It's not like it's particularly uncomfortable or anything, why would we need this? And anyways, I am not trusting pills that will kill off my boys, this might lead to something like in Children of Men, no more babies, possibly cause our junk gets destroyered. I...
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    Rank Mankind's Top 5 Inventions

    1 Wheel 2 Written Word 3 Pants 4 The internet 5 Gunpowder These things are all awesome, remove one from society and it'll start to suck...well maybe remove pants but it'd get cold and uncomfortable eventually.
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    Paedophiles go camping too...

    Think more supervised freedom. They have things not allowed in prison, they just also have trackers and internet filters, it lets them feel more free and in return we can keep an eye on them, it works and it allows them to be treated as people instead of spending the rest of their lives in a box.
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    Paedophiles go camping too...

    Why not build a small community of small and basic homes, hook them up to something that can allow them to work isolated then leave them there, monitored but away from any children. It's not that hard to build a small community that can live by itself, it would be something like a prison except...