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    Have you ever laughed at an intentional game joke?

    Who hasn't laughed at Monkey Island ?
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    What if Your Kids Joined The Military?

    I hate kids and I hate he idea of a military job that dose not have title of "Spy" so id be happy
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    Would you stop your children playing violent video games?

    I hate this. I would probably let my 5 year old play Halo and things like that but no five year old should know how to get a hooker , kill her, steal a car, out run the cops and steel a helicopter to get to the safe house.
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    Would you stop your children playing violent video games?

    I started watching Family Guy and South Park and played T-M games when I was in second grade (it was actually the summer before second) and i turned out fine (ish) so I don't see why my kids cant do the same (I would also make sure my kids had twenty truckloads of common sense not to mention...
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    Poll: Does anyone elses dog do this?

    I want to meat the person who voted that they never noticed. Is there hose just soaked in dog pee ?
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    Is it wrong to type in colors most of the time?

    To me it makes the person look like they are screaming out for attention if they do it ALL the time but doing it for a sentence or two is fine if you are trying to make a point.
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    Who is the coolest person you can find who shares your birthday?

    ME. No one truly noteworthy was born on my birthday.
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    What do you think games should have more of?

    Damn it Lucasarts that game needs a sequel NOW!
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    Wait just a second.. We were wrong! Gaming is bad for kids! (Well in my experience)

    A wise man once said that "Time you enjoy waisting is not waisted time" I'm going to skip everything ells and go strait to the kids thing. So because you liked gaming so much you are not going to let you kids play them until they are at least 10 ? You want your kid to be that kid (If its...
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    Poll: Are you excited for Halo : Reach?

    When a trailer makes me drool after I have played the game its hard to not be excited.
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    Whats your desktop background picture?

    Its a Star Wars photoshop piece I made myself ,I would post a picture but I have about 10 different versions of it (I switch them every now and then ) and I need to fix somethings.
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    I'm your mother and "I can do whatever I want" attitude

    I'm not saying they don't deserve a little respect because they do (If your not a ass whole) but they act like they should be treated like gods because they are teachers. There is no way in hell I will just give it to you just because you asked for it It needs to be earned not handed out . I too...
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    Double Standard

    The first one is sexual but the second one REALY ? Sure she has big boobs but its not sexual. You should be able hang whatever poster you want no mater how sexual .
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    I'm your mother and "I can do whatever I want" attitude

    Its the same type of thing. Every teacher I have ever had feel like they deserve the respect of the world because they are teachers. When ever you ell them to blow it out there ass (not those words but you know what I mean) they go on a rant about how they don't get paid enough to do there job...
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    I'm your mother and "I can do whatever I want" attitude

    Its like teachers think they deserve respect for living.