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    Dumbest puzzle solutions you've ever seen

    This example comes up every time I see this topic discussed, and it never gets any less stupid. Yes, you're putting on a fake mustache- to explain why you don't look like the ID picture of the guy you're impersonating. You're not trying to fool someone who actually knows him, just a moped...
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    Yes, this is real. A LEGO Bugatti Chiron that DRIVES!

    Wait- this is their "most complex non-glued Technic model"? Are we to infer from this that if the glue gets broken out, it gets more complicated than an actual functioning car?
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    "Titans" Actress Anna Diop Has Been Hit With Racist Insults

    Okay, before this gets too bitter, I'm going to step in and spoil the joke- sorry, Agent_Z, but it's pretty apparent it didn't work anyway. Take a look back at the first post. "Bigoted asshole says something unpleasant" is hardly newsworthy, is it? Even if the asshole in question isn't Donald...
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    Whats up with these games with restricted saving?

    Suppose, for a moment, that you ran an art museum. What degree of control would you allow an artist in deciding how their work was to be displayed? Perhaps a painter wants to evoke a response that only comes from seeing the picture at the top of a steep staircase after a hard climb. Maybe the...
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    May the 4th be with you! Your favorite star wars games?

    ...Spoken like someone who never played Force Commander. More to the point, spoken like someone who never played Rebellion. Empire at War was little more than a Command and Conquer reskin (though I will admit, being on the other side of a Dark Trooper attack is a LOT more fun). Rebellion was...
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    Your opinion: What kind of solid opinions can you make without playing the game?

    Graphics. Controls, sometimes (a big one for those of us hip with the 1890's). Some degree of buginess. But in any meaningful sense? None at all. The content of a game is not the same as the experience of the person playing it, and it's the experience that any merited opinion should be...
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    Word for the spouse of a cousin

    As someone with a sizable extended family (something of rarity in the US these days), I often find myself telling people about something that "my cousin's wife/husband" said or did. Well, okay, it's not "often", but it is "frequent enough that it's become an annoyance to not have a more concise...
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    Best female protagonists in gaming?

    Is this a question of character or competency? I have a deep and abiding fondness for the xenomorphs in Alien Vs Predator, mostly because almost no one else actually played them, and almost none of those were any good; the satisfaction of wiping out a squad of marines (or predators) all by...
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    Projects that fizzled out that you really wish hadn't.

    Let's see, off the top of my head: -Freespace. Not only because the games were fun and the story experience compelling, but because they were masterworks of minimalist storytelling. There were actual named (and voiced) human (and Vasudan) characters, but aside from Aken Bosch, I dare you to...
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    Is anyone continuing to use Facebook?

    I deleted my account back when I first realized that Facebook had the ethical standards of the Gambino family, maybe ten years or so ago, and I wasn't on it for very long in the first place. If you do decide to bail on them (and good for you if you do!), bear in mind that you'll likely find it...
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    And this is why FMV is superior to CG.

    If I had to guess, Drathnoxis, it's not the FMV part that you find charming, it's the games themselves. And many of them were charming, in a lot of different ways; when I first played Riven, I had to stop every hour or so and go for a quick walk outside because the graphics were so good it was...
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    Some design choice you question

    They did. Remember Battlespire?
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    I'm about to watch Star Wars 8. Can someone remind me what happened in 7?

    No, no, no. If you want to understand Star Wars- old, modern, or as a whole- you've got to get this novelty worship out of your head. The original trilogy was so groundbreaking because it was so universally relatable- the exact opposite of "original" (it's only called "the original trilogy"...
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    Outdated game design

    Time to throw in an element that unambiguously is out of date: widescreen resolutions. The aspect ratio that the human eye sees in is 4x3.3. This is why Edison used 4x3 film. Of course, some of you are going to object, and to preemptively answer your your objections, do a quick experiment...
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    What always gets me about people trumpeting that scene (and there are a lot of them; the episode won a Hugo, after all- and that was back when that meant something) is that what Delenn says isn't true- Jankowski survived his encounter with the Minbari just fine. Granted, he didn't stay to let...