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    5 Actors Who Should Do The New Star Trek Series

    Jonathan Goad should be Captain. Continuing Star Trek's tradition of hiring Shakespearean actors.
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    The Best Horror Films of the 21st Century, As Decided by The Internet

    Modern horror films really suck if these are the best of the best.
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    Histories you think deserve more Hollywood attention

    Has anybody here listened to the Hardcore History episode Prophets of Doom? That's a story I'd like to see made into a film or mini-series.
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    How badly did Battlefield 4's save bug harm the game's reputation?

    I realized I didn't answer your question in my reply. "How badly did Battlefield 4's save bug harm the game's reputation?" I don't think it harmed it at all. Battlefield 4 was a buggy mess at launch, not just the save bug, everything was broken. But DICE LA put in a whole bunch of work into...
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    How badly did Battlefield 4's save bug harm the game's reputation?

    I played through the campaign twice, on 360 and One, never encountered the save bug. I did have my campaign progress erased on Battlefield 3 though. Never did bother finishing 3.
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    What is the stupidest thing you've done [In a game]?

    A quick time battle with a rat while crawling through a sewer in Battlefield 3 campaign. And no, I didn't just post this because I read the latest Critical Miss comic. When I reach that part in the game yesterday I didn't know how to react; it was at once both the stupidest thing and the...
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    Blizzard: WoW Won't Be Going Free-To-Play

    Then what's with all those annoying adverts declaring WoW is Free to Play already? Yes I know it's really advertising the extended trial but still, why advertise your game as free to play and then say you're never going free to play?
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    Who yould you want to narrate your life?

    Nolan North or Gideon Emery.
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    Could you guys fill in a quick thing for my Sociology homework? (No links required)

    1)Do you have a Religion? -No 2)If yes, do you regularly attend church/equivalent? -n/a 3)Do you think that somebody has to regularly attend church/equivalent to be 'religious'? -No 4)Do you think that Religion has a place in teaching children in terms of morality, etc? -No...
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    Youtube gaming channel you love but others haven't head of

    Pat the NES Punk. He's really fun. Not really game related but if you like Movie Bob you'll like Nerd with the Words. He does movie reviews every friday.
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    Top Ten Songs From: Miracle of Sound

    There are seriously people who didn't like Age of the Dragon? That's nice. Age of the Dragon is my #1 favourite, not just from Miracle of Sound, my favourite song ever. Dragon Age 2 is my favourite game of all time and every time I listen to Age of the Dragon it's like replaying the game again...
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    Poll: Are you getting Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary?

    Buy it? Nope. I still have the original version on my game shelf. I may rent it, if only to have Achievements for every Halo game. Halo 2 on Vista had Achievements so Halo CE is the only one missing. But it's not that big a deal for me to want to go spend $70 on the Game.
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    Poll: What's favorite Show from the Escapist?

    1- Miracle of Sound. Age of The Dragon and The New Black Gold are amazing, 2- Zero Punctuation - Can't believe it's been over 4 years since it started. 3- Escape to the Movies. I enjoy Bob's reviews more than the movie he's reviewing. A movie leaves me entertained or bored, but I always...
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    Syndicate's use of a dubstep artist

    Dubstep is horrible and I really hope it goes away soon.
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    Poll: Do you finish your games?

    On PS3 and 360 I almost always finish my games, On PC though it's the opposite. Stupid Steam sales. :p