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    Greatest band of the 20th century

    Led Zeppelin or The Beatles.
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    You can listen to 1 song before you die! What song?

    Stairway to Heaven, that is, if I go to heaven.
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    2012 - What the hell is up with the ending? -spoilers-

    That's why movies that are usually CG filled pies don't end up being good.
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    X + Y=WTF?

    losing faith in anime for 2 years + Manga = Addiction to manga
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    Misinterpreted Titles

    A man who counts all the Monte Cristos in the world (Yes, I know it's bad) Led Zeppelin
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    Most powerful character in anything anywhere

    Galactus or maybe Goku.
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    Stupid Question, Stupid Answer.

    Because the great color gods played a game to determine the colors. The god of blue won, so he had grass. The god of green got sky. One day, the greatest color god of all, Gray, switched everything up, so they switched their colors. Why are flamethrowers banned now, when it is just as bad to...
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    X + Y=WTF?

    Bad Adaptation + Robots = Transformers Movie
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    Impossible questions

    x+x=x. If you solve that, you are awesome.
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    Would Psychics have any other uses apart from military?

    Lawmaking. Instead of wasting taxpayer's money, just hire a psychic and solve all legal issues.
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    One question for God.

    How do you allow for evil to exist? I do believe in God, but I just want a more specific answer for evil.
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    Make a wish, grant a wish. (an evil wish)

    Unfortunately, you're one of them. I wish I had a BLT now.
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    Whats the difference between an Atheist and an Agnostic?

    The Atheist denies the existence of God, while the Agnostic says I don't know whether God exists or not.
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    What the hell is the deal with Evony?!

    Ignore them. I clicked on the ad today, and all I got was some useless pop-up.
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    Describe the world in four words or less.

    Could be better overall.