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    Coronavirus vaccine with 90% protection was just announced.

    Good news: Canada is working very very hard to prep logistics for roll out of Pfizer and the second one that's close to phase 3 approval (always forget its name) with doses already purchased. Glad to know there's a big hustle to do it right. Bad news: I'm probably in the demographic to get it...
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    What are you currently playing?

    Just finished Red Dead Redemption 2, I'm now in the phase of looking at all the games I have in Steam and being lost as to do next.
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    Some good music.

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    Blatant Lies

    I never spent any time in the Escapist Forum Games.
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    AMD Ryzen Zen 3 5000 series cpus announced. Available november 5th.

    Yeah, I don't want to deal with the hassle of being a hardware seller in this market so I figure I might as well rig a computer around the components I've got slated for upgrades anyway. With B550's and the new CPUs being the new hotness, its a good time to think about slapping together a second...
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    AMD Ryzen Zen 3 5000 series cpus announced. Available november 5th.

    Funny Birthday present, Intel getting socked in the face... I'll consider upgrading to a 5000 series at some point, my B450 Tomahawk Max allegedly will take a BIOS update for it and I can always throw my 3600x into another rig.
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    AMD Radeon RX 6000 series announced, prices and specs revealed, launch on Nov 18 / Dec 08

    Honestly don't know where to go from my 2070 Super for my tower's upgrade in the next year or two but the competition is nothing but good things for those of us who can wait. (I bought in January, no regrets as I was able to play games again)
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    What are using for a Cell Phone and with what do you want to replace it with?

    Pixel 2XL. It's been good to me but Google phones are pretty damn expensive so I don't know if my next one will be from them.
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    Blatant Lies

    This idea for a thread never works.
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    So at the start of the year I was still playing games on a Windows 7 PC I built a year out of high school with my friends. Intel i3-2100, 8GB of RAM, Radeon R7 200, and a heavy case that was garbage but free donated from a friend. Windows 7 losing security updates from Microsoft finally...
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    Staying at home is the norm... What are you reading?

    Title says it all. For me I'm reading through With Our Backs To The Wall by David Stevenson. My Dad probably gave this to me awhile ago because of my fascination with war history. Not too deep into it yet. How about you guys?
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    Beta Feedback Thread

    It feels clean but the best thing is having people actually working on it. c: Far better than the days the site was adrift with no one on payroll to do...anything really. Its a new decade!
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    Don't use Zoom

    Yeah the rise of Zoom to the ubiquitous "work from home software" caught me by surprise. Skype is... well it has had a long fall from grace but I'd still trust it over Zoom atm.