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    Do you like your native language?

    English is fun, but it does not have a terribly interesting sound to it. Scandinavian languages are hilarious to listen to though. :D
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    I need a new GBA game

    Both are great series. Advanced wars because its challenging and strategic, and fire emblem because of its good narrative (and because who doesn't love Dorcus?) I would also recommend Final fantasy six (I think it is 3 in Japan ? That always confuses me. The one with Kafka and opera) Its a...
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    Fighting the Prejudice of XBLA

    Holy tits. Across the pond (in 'merica) MW3 standard is 60 bucks. (about 64 with tax). I'm not sure how the exchange rate is between our money however. EDIT: googled exchange rates and 150 NZD is 122.01 USD. Which is still about double the price. Is that all for shipping? Seems like...
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    Brink, Popularity, Whaaaaaaa?

    This this and more this. TF2 doesnt own class based combat. The art, movement, and gameplay are different. Claims of "TF2 clone" are uninformed.
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    Poll: Why are game characters never given the ability to be left handed?

    In brink, you throw grenades with your left hand. I dunno if that really counts.
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    Poll: Brink or LA Noire?

    Its a ripoff because of that one mechanic? Mirrors edge wasn't really a FPS anyway, mostly just parkour. Brink has waaay more content than mirrors edge. Singleplayer and multiplayer, a vast amount of gun and character customization, class based combat, and skill unlocks to name some.
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    I miss Doraleous and associates. Where did you go??!!

    I miss it too, but for now its gone the way of unforgotten realms and apocalypse lane. I thought they said they were only going to be gone for 2 months.
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    Poll: Brink or LA Noire?

    Ripoff of what game?
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    Madden NFL 12's (Doomed) Cover Star Determined

    Pretty much that. Bob didn't have anything to do with it.
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    2K Commissions 350-Hour Painting of Duke Nukem

    Nah best leave it to sport games []
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    Trailers: Battlefield 3 Fault Line: Get That Wire Cut

    Mmmm, me and my xbox 360 are going to spend some quality time together when this beauty comes out.
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    The Escapist Presents: Exclusive Preview of Gears 3 Beta

    From the info given it sounds balanced enough. Its heavy like the mortar so you can run with it, it has an incredibly long reload, only comes with a couple rounds, and takes about half a second to fire instead of "as soon as you press the trigger". But the benefits include blowing up cover...
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    Where are You Going to College?

    Going to Washington State University (WAZZU!) to major in Landscape Architecture.
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    Irrational: BioShock in the Sky Would Be "F**king Boring"

    "like being on a roller coaster while hanging in the air, and you have a fucking gun." So....where can I send a check? Can I just mail you all my money? Im sold.
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    Enough DA2 threads... new Battlefield 3 video!

    So....generic...... random slow motion death included.